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Au Pair in Turkey: salary, working hours, holidays, etc.

Pocket money

If you are living with your host family in Turkey, you will mainly be responsible for the children. You will take care of them while the parents are at work or just not at home. You will bring them to the kindergarten, the school and their activities, you can play with them and help them with the homework. For your help you will be paid a certain amount of money. In Turkey it should be around 500 TRY per month. During your stay as an Au Pair in Turkey, your host family is going to provide you with your own room and food. You will be part of the family; this includes the meals with the family and also while your not working, during your vacation and when your feeling sick.

Time off

In case you found your perfect host familiy on and you want to stay with them for a year, you will be entitled to 2 weeks of paid vacation. Sometimes host families ask their Au Pair to come with them on vacation. It is possible that you will have to work during this time, for example if your host parents want to go out for dinner and you will have to watch the kids. In any case, you should clarify if the familiy vacation is your personal time off or not to avoid any disappointment.

Working Hours

Your weekly working hours as an Au Pair will be maximum 30 hours. You will be also entitled to 2 full days and 4 evenings off. Your host familiy is going to schedule your working hours right after you arrived. Nevertheless, you should ask your future host family about your general working schedule before you match with them. It is also important to include all arragements in your Au Pair contract such as working hours, your time off, pocket money and vacation. The contract should be signed by both parties.

Language School 

Additionaly, you can attend a language school while you are living in Turkey. The host family can offer to pay for the additional costs as well as the application tuition for the class.

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