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Au Pair in Turkey: salary, working hours, holidays, etc.

Each country has established specific program rules for both Au Pairs and Host Families.  In this post, you will get general information about the Au Pair experience in Turkey.
Au Pair salary Turkey

Working hours

As an Au Pair in Turkey you might work between 30 and 40 hours a week. You will also be entitled to 2 full days off a week. You should ask your future Host Family about your general working schedule before you match with them. It is also important to put everything you agreed on in your Au Pair contract. This includes working hours, your time off, pocket money and vacation. The contract should be signed by both parties.

Au Pair salary in Turkey

For your help with childcare and light housework, you will be paid a around 500 TRY per month. Please, discuss your salary with your Host Family before you sign the contract. During your stay as an Au Pair in Turkey, your Host Family is going to provide you with your own room and full board. You are also entitled to this while you are not working, during your vacation and when you are feeling sick.

Time off and holidays

Due to the lack of official legislation governing the Au Pair program in Turkey, suggests to follow the international holiday policy of the program. We recommend at least 4 weeks of paid holidays for a 12 month stay. Should the Host Family ask their Au Pair to join them on vacation, make sure you agree on whether this time will be considered vacation or working hours for the Au Pair. This will help avoid misunderstandings.

Language course

While you are living in Turkey, you have the opportunity to attend a language school. Your Host Family can offer to pay for the additional costs as well as the enrollment fee for the class. You should also agree on a schedule that allows you to attend the language course on a weekly basis.

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