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Become a Host Family in Turkey

Are you considering becoming a Host Family in Turkey? Then you probably have lots of questions.

In the following article, we will give you the answers to the most important questions about the Au Pair program in Turkey.
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Can you become a Host Family in Turkey?

To host an Au Pair in Turkey, families should meet the general requirements of the program, which are:
  1. Having at least one child under the age of 18
  2. Being able to provide a private room for the Au Pair
  3. Being able to afford the program costs
  4. Being interested in cultural exchange
If you meet the requirements above, you are more than welcome to join and start looking for an Au Pair!

Family free registration

After registering on, fill out your profile. Add some pictures of your city and family to make it more attractive to potential candidates.You should also write an introduction letter to your future Au Pair. If you want to find the right candidate faster, you can use our filters during your search to speed up the process!

With a free membership on you can send automated messages to all registered users and add them to your list of favorites. You can also become a Premium Member to get access to some additional features like sending personalized messages or getting different document templates that you will need throughout the program.

After having found the perfect candidate, sign a contract. Include all important details, such as working hours, responsibilities, holidays, expectations and other terms, in it.

How to hire an Au Pair

After having signed the contract there are still a few things left for you to take care of:

1. Arrange an insurance in Turkey
Participants need an insurance covering accidents and illnesses. This will be needed to apply for a visa to Turkey. Host Families in Turkey are not obligated to pay for the insurance. However, the family should offer their help in searching for the right one.

2. Apply for the visa and Residence Permit to Turkey
Participants will need to go through the visa process. In Turkey, it is also necessary to get a work permit and a residence permit. Participants cannot stay and work in Turkey without a work permit. The Host Family, as the employer, needs to submit the initial application. Another reason for the Host Family to get involved in this process is that the exact rules on the official website are available in Turkish language only.

3. Plan the Au Pair’s arrival
The Host Family needs to prepare a room for the arrival. Both parties need to agree about the pick-up place and time at the airport.  

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