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Как стать социальным работником

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Как стать социальным работником после программы Au Pair
Во время работы в качестве Au Pair вы, скорее всего, задумывались о своем будущем. Au Pair - это замечательный опыт, но он временный, и понять, чем вы хотите заниматься дальше, может быть гораздо сложнее, чем вы себе представляли. Именно поэтому мы составили список потенциальных профессий, которые имеют какие-то общие черты с программой Au Pair, например, навыки и качества, характер работы и обязанности. Поскольку работа с принимающими детьми является одним из ключевых аспектов программы Au Pair, следующая профессия может быть интересна тем, кому понравилось работать с детьми.

Кто такой социальный работник и чем он занимается?

В кино и литературе обычно показывают героев, которым приходится ежедневно справляться с трудными ситуациями. В поп-культуре социальный работник спасает детей из сложных семей, помогая им найти приемную семью. Но это не единственное, чем занимаются социальные работники.
Давайте подробнее разберемся, кто же такой социальный работник. Международная федерация социальных работников дает такое определение: "профессия, основанная на практике, и академическая дисциплина, которая способствует социальным изменениям и развитию, социальной сплоченности и расширению возможностей. Принципы социальной справедливости, прав человека, коллективной ответственности и уважения к разнообразию являются центральными в социальной работе". Социальный работник работает в обществе, с обществом и для общества, стремясь улучшить его общее благосостояние. 
The broad definition of social work covers different kinds of tasks that this profession involves. Social workers generally help individuals, as counselors who take into consideration the whole social environment that may have an influence on one's life. Social workers can work with small groups of people or individuals, with different problems like poverty, abuse, addiction, unemployment, disability and so on. They not only counsel but serve as a connection between the people and the community, including all its services.
Another possibility is working with nonprofit or public organizations, schools and hospitals. Dealing with a bigger community, they are in charge of changing the whole social system, in order to facilitate the most vulnerable people.
According to their job, the social worker must engage with the client and help them through the healing process, giving the necessary support and encouragement.

Different types of social workers

As previously mentioned, a social worker can either deal with individuals or work in a bigger organization, for a whole community. There are obviously different kinds of social workers, according to the beneficiary of the service.
Child, Family and School Social Workers: these social workers help children, families and elderly people. When it comes to kids, they intervene when the family isn’t able to take care of them, finding a foster care and interviewing possible foster parents. They also work in schools whenever there is a case of abuse, even to promote awareness among the students against phenomena like bullism.
Financial Social Workers: they focus on people with low or middle income, mediating between them and the financial institutions, which are often unavailable because of social barriers. Their main focus is developing people’s financial awareness, in order to improve their quality of life and well-being. 
Public Health Social Workers: they help ill people and patients with chronic diseases, making sure that they get adequate care and easy access to the public resources. Public Health Social Workers provide families with counselling when it comes to coping with a serious illness, like Alzheimer's disease, or natural disasters.
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers:  Они принимают участие в назначении правильного лечения и продвигают инициативы по профилактике. Эти социальные работники могут работать на улице, проводя исследования и интервью, чтобы разработать наиболее адекватный план профилактики для определенного района.
Общественные социальные работники: они сосредоточены на конкретных сообществах, и их главная цель - построить эффективную социальную структуру, на которую сообщество может положиться.

How much does a social worker earn?

The earning varies from country to country. In the US, a social worker would get approximately $ 42.000 a year, whereas in the UK the average income can be between £ 20.000 and £ 40.000, depending on the qualification. In Spain a social worker would get around € 18.000 a year; in France you would get around € 28.000, in Italy € 20.000 and in Germany between 30.000 and 40.000 € per year.

How to become a social worker

In order to become a social worker you need at least a bachelor's degree in social sciences. A master's is not always required, but it may be necessary if you want to specialize in a certain career. In most countries you must get a license to become a social worker: this may be possible through internships, official exams or extra certifications.

Au Pairs and social work: things in common

As an Au Pair, not only you have gained experience with your Host Kids, you have also seen how different families work. It can be extremely useful to have seen with your own eyes that not all families follow the same rules. A social worker has to be aware of this fact, when it comes to intervene in a family’s life. The relationship with children and families is something that the Au Pair program shares with the Social Worker.
Getting to know another culture has given you an open mindset, one of the fundamental requirements of a social worker. In fact, social workers often have to deal with minorities or people with different socioeconomic backgrounds: refugees, immigrants are often the main beneficiary of social services. 

Can I become a social worker?

Everybody can become a social worker, but not everybody can be a social worker. As for every job which has to deal with people, the social worker is constantly under great pressure. In order to fulfil the aim of general well-being, a social worker sees a wide variety of realities, often extreme ones. Abused children, ill people, addicts, minorities, inmates, you must be ready to face harsh situations. Self-control and self-respect are fundamental because you can’t change the world alone, but, on the other hand, it’s a highly satisfying job. You would provide people with a better life and you will take part in their healing process. Hardly any other job can be more fulfilling. 
Here is a list of skills that a social worker should have:
  • patience and tolerance
  • emotional intelligence: empathy
  • capable of setting boundaries
  • determination
  • organisation and interpersonal skills
  • communication skills
  • leadership and problem solving skills
If you liked this article, but you’re not sure whether this career suits you, have a look at our job series. You may find another career path!
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