Au Pair UK

English is the most spoken language in the world. What is the best way to master it? Just go to the country where it is originally from: to England! Or to Scotland, or even to Wales or Northern Ireland. Become an Au Pair in the United Kingdom and learn not only the language, but also the British way of life! 
At you can check the regulations of the official program in UK for participants and many other details, so you can start your preparation today and live the unforgettable experience in the UK.

Au Pair program in the UK - are you ready?

To become an Au Pair in the United Kingdom, you need to be: 
  • 17 - 30 years old (EU) or 18 - 30 (Non-EU)
  • reasonably fluent in English
  • OK with paying for your travel and other costs
  • fond of kids
  • ready to spend some time in the United Kingdom
Do you fulfil all of the points above?

Au Pair free registration

The Au Pair program is a great opportunity for a cultural exchange for Host Families just as for Au Pairs. Have a look at the Au Pair program requirements and find out about the duties of the participants. At you can find a Host Family that fulfils your search criteria and you can get in touch today. Are you still hesitant? Read more below:

Pro Aupair

Au Pair duties

An Au Pair in England is mostly entitled to look after children and perform duties related to childcare. It is important that Host Families stick to that.

More about Au Pair duties

Contract and insurance

Read about the insurance system in the UK for EEA and non-EEA citizens and the agreement between the Au Pair and the Host Family. Make your experience safe.

More about Contract and insurance

Requirements for applicants

How can you become an Au Pair in the UK? Read more about the requirements for EU and Non-EU citizens interested in participating in the program in the UK.

More about Requirements for applicants