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Au Pair in England / UK

English is the most used language in the world and the best way to speak a language fluently is to go where it´s originated: England!

Become an Au Pair in England and learn not just the language, but also the English way of life! On AuPair.com you will get to check the regulations on the official program for Au Pairs in the UK in order to make sure you can participate and live unforgettable experiences.


Au Pair Program in England and UK - At a Glance


  • Age: 17 - 30 years / 18 - 30
  • Duration: 6 - 24 months
  • Working time: 30 - 35 hours per week
  • Holiday: 2 weeks holiday for a period of 12-month period. In addition, the Au Pair has at least one day off per week, this day, at least once a month is Sunday.
  • Travel costs: paid by the Au Pair. The Host Family is welcome to support their Au Pair with the travel expenses, but we recommend that Host Families do so after the Au Pair arrives.
  • Insurance: all Au Pairs belonging to any EU-country member will have the right to apply for the European Health Insurance Card. Together with this, we recommend you to contract an accident and liability insurance so that you can enjoy a safe stay as an Au Pair. 
    If the Au Pair doesn't happen to be a citizen of any EU-country member, the Host Family must register their Au Pair in the National Health Service (NHS). Au Pairs who have health insurance from their country, with which the UK signs up to the Tier 5 youth mobility scheme agreements, are entitled to health care when if they have an International Health Insurance Card. More info under Contract and insurance.
  • Pocket money: 70-100 GBP per week


Au Pair England and UK Check

Requirements for EU-citizens

Check out the following information and then you can participate in the Au Pair programme:

  • I'm 17 - 30 years old
  • I speak good English
  • I'm healthy and I don't smoke
  • I like hanging out with children

*Citizens from Croatia

Requirements for Non-EU citizens

  • I'm 18 - 30 years old
  • I speak good English
  • I'm healthy and I don't smoke
  • I like hanging out with children
  • I don't have my own children
  • I am entitled to a visa

*Please check the specific requirements you need to fulfill when applying for a visa

With or without an Au Pair Agency

Once you've found your host family at AuPair.com often raises the question of whether you should additionally take an agency into consideration.
Advantages of taking an Agency:

  • The agency will help you to deal with visa formalities 
  • The office workers are always at your disposal to answer all your questions
  • Au Pair agencies check the Host Families
  • You can participate in the meetings organized for the participants of the programme
  • It's simply safer to cooperate with the agency

Costs for the Au Pair

In case a Host Family with a premium membership gets in touch with you, you do not even need to pay for your own premium membership on AuPair.com.

Additional costs

  • You have to pay for the agency's service (in case you choose one)
  • You will need to cover visa expenses in case you need one
  • You will need to pay for the travel costs
  • You might like to buy some presents for the Host Family

AuPair.com cannot be held liable for any information, opinion or recommendation expressed in this website, so you are strongly advised to seek legal advice.

Additional Information about Au Pair in England and UK

Pro Aupair

Au Pair duties

An Au Pair in England is mostly entitled to look after children and perform duties related to childcare. It is important that Host Families stick to that.

More about Au Pair duties

Contract and insurance

Don't forget to think about your health insurance and make sure you close a contract with your family before leaving for England to work as an Au Pair.

More about Contract and insurance

Requirements for Non-EU applicants

Are you not from a EU-country? Then you need to fulfill certain requirements and collect some documents in order to apply for a visa. Find them on AuPair.com.

More about Requirements for Non-EU applicants