Мы просим всех семей в мире для всех русско-Aupairs

Информация о том, как найти принимающую семью

1. Register for free
You have the possibility to register as an Au Pair or Nanny. The registration is free of charge. Your address data can be viewed only by families or Au Pair agencies who use our paid services. It is possible that you will be contacted by one of them.

2. Find a family
Once you are signed in, you can search for families.
Hotlist is a feature that can be used to create a list of your favorite Families. When you get the results of your search of family profiles, you can add the families to your Hotlist. Remember, you have to be logged in to add someone to your Hotlist.
Once you are logged in you can view this list anytime by clicking on the "My Hotlist" button in the top menu. Once you add a Family to your Hotlist, the Family immediately receives a notification that you added them.

Send a message
If you find an applicable family send them an "Invite Family" message, using the " Send a message" function. In this case the family will receive an Email stating your interest. The Family will give you a positive or negative answer.

3. Contact the family:
After you have received some positive answers from families you can become a paid member.
After you have paid the member fee you will get access to the family contact details.
You can only see contact details of families living in your two target countries which you selected in your registration forms. You can change your target countries every time when you are logged in.

Become Au Pair/Nanny for free
Please make sure that you have filled in your registration form correctly, that you have provided a minimum of two nice photographs of yourself and at best a video or signed references. The families interested in you will usually contact you directly.
Families tend to consider the 'Dear family letter', the description of yourself and your experience in childcare as important factors in making their decision. You might be contacted by families or by an agency from your target country. The agency will find a host family for you free of charge.

4. Phone/Video-Interview
Talk to your potential host family on the phone several times before you take your final decision. This is also a good way to detect scammers! If possible, talk to your family via Skype, so you can see the kids and they can show you the house and the Au Pair's room. For the interview, find a quiet place where you feel comfortable. Even though the interview will not be held in your native language, try not to be to nervous. It is only about getting to know each other and the family certainly understands if you ask them to repeat something or to speak more slowly.
Before the Interview, think about what you want to know about the family and read all the family details again.
You might want to ask them questions like:
  • Did you have an Au Pair before?
  • What will be the Au Pairs main tasks?
  • Could you describe your weekly routine?
  • Why did you decide to look for an Au Pair?
  • How would you describe the city / region you live in?
  • Do the kids go to kindergarden/ school? Do they have further regular activities?
  • What are the kids like? (Very lively, rather calm ...)
  • Do you have any hobbies/ regular family activities?

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