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Why hosting an Au Pair will make you more tolerant

by FeliciaReading time: 2 min.
Why hosting an Au Pair will make you more tolerant
If you are reading this page, then you might be a parent and, if you are a parent, words like “tolerance” and “patience” will be very familiar to you. As all we know, dealing with kids requires a lot of them both. 
Hosting an Au Pair, though, will help you even more in that sense, and we have are telling you why in this article!
While you wait for puberty to hit your kids like a hurricane, here is why hosting an Au Pair will prepare you to that wonderful period called adolescence and to an all-world of new life experiences, making you even more tolerant than you already are.

Cultural exchange

Who says that the cultural exchange is only for the Au Pairs? As a Host Family you have the possibility to get to know a person from another country, who will share their life, habits and traditions with you. In exchange, you will share your house and your personal life. This is the best and most direct way to discover new cultures and appreciate the differences around the world. Open minds and open doors lead to tolerance.

A new member of the family

As a new member of the family, the Au Pair will need to get used to the new habits and the new responsibilities. But you will need to get used to the Au Pair too. Even if you are supposed to be prepared to welcome them, having a new person inside the house is not that easy, and not all families are ready to do that. Moreover, coming from a different country, and sometimes from a different continent, might be a real cultural shock. The whole concept of housekeeping varies from place to place – and from person to person.  Understanding another person’s attitudes, behavior and deciding to let them enter your everyday life requires a great deal of tolerance!

New way of life

At the beginning of your experience as a Host Family, you will arrange the working details with the Au Pair: what time they will pick up the kids, what they have to prepare for lunch, how the Au Pair is supposed to tidy their room. Since an Au Pair is a human being and not a robot, they might be a little creative during their stay, playing new games with the kids, cooking them something unusual, and they won’t follow your instructions word-for-word. However, this could result in something as good as you planned (or even better). That’s why being a Host Family will teach you how to widen your perspective as a parent, as well as a person.


Being a Host Family isn’t always as easy as ABC, and there will be situations where you need to confront directly the Au Pair. An open dialogue is the best way to solve problems and difficulties and it may lead to a greater openness with the Au Pair. The willingness to listen and to feel empathy towards a complete stranger will definitely make you a tolerant family.

Tolerance leads to tolerance

If the Au Pair experience has changed something in your attitude, then be sure that everyone will see the results in your everyday life: your kids, your partner and even your colleagues will notice for sure! 
So, let us know how the Au Pair experience has changed you and your family. Has it made you more tolerant and open-minded? Feel free to leave us a comment below! smiley
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