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Mental health awareness month

by JuliaReading time: 2 min.
Mental Health Awareness Month - start of the series
Stable mental health is crucial for a fulfilled life. It’s not only your physical functions which play a part in your overall health condition, the psychological side of your wellbeing is just as important to be able to enjoy moments of happiness. However, mental health issues are still considered to be a taboo subject in many environments. We know that especially Au Pairs might be affected by them, since they experience many different and sometimes difficult situations. But depending on their living situation, it can be hard to reach out and get the needed help.
This is why we are introducing our mental health awareness month! Within the next five weeks, we will cover some important issues that you or people you know might deal with. Our aim is to reduce the perceived distance between the healthy and the so-called diseased people. It’s important to stress that mental health problems can affect anyone in every situation and, in addition, people affected tend to feel very alone with their issues. Mental health problems often feel like a stigma, which makes it impossible to talk about it. But many feel that they receive support as soon as they open up and share their worries. 


In the first week we will talk about depression: do you know how to differentiate between sadness and the diagnosis of depression? You might feel homesick or depressed sometimes, but does that mean that you suffer from a major depressive disorder? We will explain the symptoms so that you can evaluate your situation better and learn how to find help.


Anxiety is another issue that many people suffer from, although no one is really talking about it. Mainly due to the complex pattern of symptoms, it’s hard to get through it all alone. In the second week of our mental health awareness month, we will give you advice on how to deal with an anxiety disorder and how to get support. 

Substance abuse

We all know that working abroad and taking care of kids can be stressful from time to time. A common solution in this situation is to forget your distress by drinking a glass of wine or to go out with your friends. However, for some people, the line between enjoying their free time and getting lost in alcohol and parties are blurred. We want to shed a light upon substance abuse and clarify when you need to reach out for help. 

Nervous breakdown

We are really happy that a former Au Pair reached out to us to share her story when she heard about our mental health month. Marina (we changed her name to protect her privacy) found a Host Family in Switzerland through an agency and experienced a very bad Au Pair year. Read here how her situation became worse and worse until she collapsed. Thank you Marina for your courage!

Eating disorders

Despite the stereotype that only female teenagers struggle with eating disorders, you might be surprised by how many grown-ups and even males deal with this problem. Being a very complex and sensitive topic we will give you insights into the different types of eating disorders, from anorexia nervosa, over bulimia nervosa, to binge-eating disorder. We will also provide Host Families with tips and hints on how to deal with the situation if they suspect their Au Pair is struggling with healthy eating habits. 
We hope that this series will be a support for those who already suffer and a form of prevention for those who just realized that they might want to talk to someone. Let us know in the comments below what you think, share it with your friends and, in case you need personal support, write an e-mail to or schedule an appointment with your doctor. Don’t forget: the Au Pair community is there for you!
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