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The Risks of Finding an AuPair/Host Family through Facebook

by Sammy-JoReading time: 1 min.
The Risks of Finding a Host Family/Au Pair through Facebook
Thanks to social networks like Facebook we can connect with millions of people from all over the world. You can easily join groups and get to know strangers with similar interests. This is great for Au Pairs who have already found a Host Family and want to connect with other Au Pairs in their area. But a lot of people also try to find their perfect Au Pair or Host Family match through Facebook. Searching for an Au Pair or a Host Family with the help of social media brings various risks that are not worth taking. We have listed some of them for you below.

The risks


In contrast to Au Pair platforms like, Facebook doesn’t check profiles for scammers. It is very easy for people to encounter scammers who are pretending to be Au Pairs or Host Families on Facebook. Their profiles usually look realistic, so it is quite difficult to spot them. Normally, they ask you to get in touch with an agent or a lawyer; they then send you documentation and ask you to send them your personal details or money. Read our article about how to spot a scammer and the strategies they use. Moreover, if you meet somebody on another platform, will not be able to guarantee that these people can be trusted. So pay a lot of attention and use an Au Pair matching platform to find an Au Pair or a Host Family.

Identity theft

Are you aware of all the information your Facebook friends can see? Your profile might tell more about you than you would like it to. This means that anyone with access to your profile can find lots of information about you and maybe even use it to your disadvantage.
Besides having access to the names of your family members and friends, other users can also find out where you study and even which places you have recently visited. On platforms such as, we make sure that users respect the rules and that privacy rules are followed more rigidly.
In short, you should not be looking for an Au Pair or a Host Family on Facebook, because:
  • You might receive a lot of offensive messages.
  • Facebook doesn’t notify you if a user is a scammer, making it impossible to stop them.
  • You have less control over your private information.
  • You can’t contact a support team that knows the program regulations if you have any questions.
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