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Why You Should Hire a Male Au Pair

by Sammy-JoReading time: 1 min.
Why You Should Hire a Male Au Pair
Male Au Pairs face prejudices unlike other. While they want to be able to show love and affection towards their Host Kids, sadly, some might misread this as inappropriate behaviour. This can make it especially hard for them to find a Host Family. Yet, most of the time, there is absolutely no reason to mistrust your male Au Pair. Therefore, in this post we have gathered all the benefits of having a male Au Pair join your family.

They make great role models

In the fight against stereotyping, male Au Pairs make fantastic role models. They teach little boys (and girls) that men, too, can be gentle and caring. They set a good example for the children and prove that childcare isn’t something that can only be associated with women. Also, since it’s not usual to hire a male Au Pair, they are likely to be more motivated to take care of your kids.

They never run out of energy

Male Au Pairs are usually full of energy and willing to run up and down to entertain your kids. They will never get bored of playing Lego or Soccer. Moreover, many young men have experience as camp counselors or sport coaches. They know how to deal with a lot of energetic children at once. They know that trees are for climbing and balls are for kicking, while teaching your kids to do so in a responsible way.

Boys will love them

Male Au Pairs are the perfect option for families that only have sons. Especially if they are older than 7-8 years old, they can feel more at ease with a male Au Pair and see him as an “older brother”. You can expect a lot of discussions about superheroes, football and Lego. Where a female Au Pair might only listen with one ear, a male Au Pair will be just as enthusiastic as your little boy to talk about their favorite Avenger.

Ready to host a male Au Pair?

Hosting an Au Pair allows Host Families to experience a cultural exchange while having an affordable childcare option. But having a male Au Pair also offers a new perspective on the new culture, especially if the Host Family has always hired female Au Pairs.

Requirements to become an Au Pair

In general, guys that want to join the Au Pair experience need to meet the same requirements as the girls. They are:
  • Age between 18 and 30
  • Getting a visa (if they need to)
  • Being in good health
  • Having experience in childcare
If you want to find out more about how to become a male Au Pair, check out our Au Pair Wiki article “Can a boy become an Au Pair?

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