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Rishee, her Au Pair story in Turkey
by Rishee on 9th Mar, 2020
Finding the perfect Host Family is not easy. It took three years to Rishee to find a match and, in the end, it was totally worth it! Read Rishee's experience and don't ever give up! Read More »
Au Pair adventure in Dubai
by Roxane on 31st Jul, 2019
Roxane took a short break from her studies in April and used the opportunity to benefit from an Au Pair adventure in Dubai! Read her story now!
Read More »
Jonalyn's Au Pair story
by Jonalyn on 11st Mar, 2019
Jonalyn explains how her experience in Norway as an Au Pair was: how she found her host family, what she did with them and a lot more! Keep reading and discover how you can also join the Au Pair program! Read More »
Amazing experience of an Au Pair in Austria
by Esther on 11st Mar, 2019
This story of an Au Pair in Austria will make you want to start your Au Pair adventure straight away. Keep reading to know more about Esther's wonderful experience and find out whether this could be right also for you! Read More »
Klaudia's experience in Cyprus
by Klaudia on 8th Mar, 2019
Find out what the typical day of an Au Pair looks like! Read about Klaudia's experience as an Au Pair in Cyprus, what her day looks like and more! Read More »
Becca's Au Pair stay in Australia
by Becca on 8th Mar, 2019
Find out how to move to Australia as an Au Pair! Becca tells us the story of how she did it! So if it's also your dream to move to Australia to become an Au Pair, you don't want to miss this! Read More »
Story of an Australian Au Pair in Italy
by Abbey on 8th Mar, 2019
Even though her experience wasn't the best when she first arrived in Italy, Abbey managed to find a new Host Family and had the time of her life! Here she gives you some advice on how to find the perfect match! Read More »
Gretchen, an Au Pair in Denmark
by Gretchen on 6th Mar, 2019
Are you thinking of becoming an Au Pair but you are not sure how the process works? Find out what Au Pair Gretchen has done to make her dreams of travelling around Europe come true! Read her amazing story! Read More »
Karli's Au Pair experience in Germany
by Karli on 21st Feb, 2019
This amazing story from Karli shows how embarking on an Au Pair adventure can open the way to many other experiences in your life! Even if you don't know a lot about the Au Pair program, take the leap and find out!
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The experience of an Au Pair in England
by Klaudia on 20th Feb, 2019
Are you wondering what a typical day of an Au Pair looks like? Here you will be able to find out! Read about what the typical tasks and routine are through Klaudia's amazing story! Read More »
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