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When a Family finds a perfect match

by Stuart on Dec 16, 2020
When a Family finds a perfect match
Some candidates and Host Families just deserve the title Host Family or Au Pair of the year! They have been a life saver for each other and changed each other’s lives for the better. We have selected the best stories and are now happy to honour one of the winner's story.

My dear wife and I have been together since 1964 and have had a wonderful life together living and working in many countries around the world and bringing up a family along the way.

Sadly, my wife developed Alzheimer’s in 2014 but with my help managed to maintain a quality lifestyle with lots of happiness. During 2019 the daily needs of my wife began to make our life a little difficult; for instance, if I needed to pop out I could not leave her alone. Getting up and going to bed required help, along with preparing food and general assistance with all aspects of daily life.

Basically, I was at the point of considering being forced to have my darling wife move into a care home after 55yrs of living together. I desperately did not want to be separated from my wife but understood that I could not cope alone.

A friend suggested I have a look at with the possibility of finding an Au Pair who could help me with some of the daily tasks like washing, dressing, preparing food etc., pretty much what an Au Pair would do with a small child. So, I joined who soon found a perfect match for us, Ana Maria.

Ana Maria has now been with us for 11 months and to say she is a great help does not tell the true story. I am my wife’s carer, Ana Maria is here to help me take care of her and make it possible for my wife and I to continue to live and laugh together. Had I not found in 2019 I have no doubt I would have had to consider a care home for my wife and with the subsequent misery care homes have faced with the Corona Virus, who knows what the result may have been!

I could not put a price on the service that and Ana Maria have given my wife and myself; Ana Maria is exactly what we need to help us maintain our independent life.

Thank you
Stuart Berry

Do you have any questions for Stuart or Ana Maria? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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