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Find & Hire Au Pair living in Iowa State of USA

Austin, 27 year Teacher from Pleasant Hill, Iowa, USA searching for a Au Pair & Tutor job in Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine

Teacher English, Polish, French ... Jun 2020 - Jan 2021 4-6 months Very active in response
Austin is a Non-Smoker Austin has got a first aid certification Austin can swim Austin can ride a bike

Children, sports, and traveling...3 things I am very passionate about. The past 3.5 years I have spent my time in two ways: For 6 months of the year, in the USA, I teach soccer to kids ages 2-8. For the other 6 months of the year, I travel Europe as a professional American football player. I have created many incredible relationships with people from all over the world! Becoming an au pair will give me the...

Jon, 25 year Unemployed from Ames, Iowa, USA searching for a Au Pair job in United Kingdom

Unemployed English Mar 2020 - Jul 2020 >1 year New registered
Jon is a Non-Smoker Jon has got a first aid certification Jon cannot swim Jon can ride a bike

Good Evening, My name is Jon, I previously worked at a residential treatment center for kids. I worked there for 5 years so have a good background with kids. I would like to be an Au Pair to help grow my background and culture. I feel I would be good as I am organized, committed, and fun to be

Alicia, 21 year Nanny from Waterloo, Iowa, USA searching for a Au Pair job in Australia, Bahamas, Fiji, Italy, Virgin Islands

Nanny English Mar 2020 - Apr 2020 4-6 months New registered
Alicia is a Non-Smoker Alicia has got a first aid certification Alicia can swim Alicia can ride a bike

We are glad to introduce Alicia currently living in USA, who is happy to join your family as Au Pair. The Au Pair has finished and is now employed as Nanny. Alicia has no problems communicating in English. The Au Pair also knows basic and is a good swimmer. The applicant can be trusted in driving since female has a driving license and has a lot of

Carlee, 22 year Dance Teacher from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA searching for a Au Pair & Nanny job in Ireland, Italy, Spain

Dance Teacher English, Spanish Jun 2020 - Jul 2020 4-6 months Active in response
Carlee is a Non-Smoker Carlee has got a first aid certification Carlee can swim Carlee can ride a bike

Hi there! My name is Carlee Glenn and I see myself as a very kind, positive, and fun person. I love making people happy and making them laugh. I think kiddos of all ages are so fun and I have a blast with them! I have taught dance to kids anywhere from 18 months - 17 years old. The parents constantly tell me about how their child talks about me at home and it is very rewarding. I want to becoming an Au Pair &...

Kira, 22 year Student from Grinnell, Iowa, USA searching for a Au Pair & Nanny job in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Italy

Student English, Spanish May 2020 - Dec 2020 1-3 months Average response
Kira is a Non-Smoker Kira has got a first aid certification Kira can swim Kira can ride a bike

Hello! My name is Kira and I am nearly graduated from Grinnell College, a small liberal arts school in Iowa, USA. I am almost complete with a major in Spanish with emphasis in Environmental studies. I love to cook, spend time with friends (pets included!), explore both city and countryside, and read. I studied abroad in Costa Rica for 4 months and really enjoyed the time I spent living with host families. I would...

Marcus, 22 year Secretary from Letts, Iowa, USA searching for a Au Pair job in France

Secretary English, French Jul 2020 - Jan 2021 10-12 months Very active in response
Marcus is a Non-Smoker Marcus hasn't got a first aid certification Marcus can swim Marcus can ride a bike

Hello. My name is Marcus and I am from Iowa in the United States. Since traveling to France a couple of times, I have realized that I love France very much and I want to return to continue to learn the language and culture and to look for opportunities to move to France. I have quite a bit of experience with children as I have three nephews and a niece and have also worked for summer camps for children. As a result,...

Paige, 22 year Healthcare Assistant from Iowa City, Iowa, USA searching for a Au Pair & Nanny job in France, Greece, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom

Healthcare Assistant English, Spanish May 2019 - Aug 2021 7-9 months Average response
Paige is a Non-Smoker Paige has got a first aid certification Paige can swim Paige can ride a bike

Come to know American Au Pair & Nanny called Paige based in USA, who interested in working as Au Pair & Nanny. The applicant has already finished and has work experiences as Healthcare Assistant. The Au Pair understands Spanish pretty well and can teach your kids swimming. The applicant can drive and has extensive experiences in

Krystin, 19 year Child Care Worker from Tiffin, Iowa, USA searching for a Au Pair & Nanny job in Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom

Child Care Worker English Jan 2020 - Dec 2020 7-9 months Average response
Krystin is a Non-Smoker Krystin has got a first aid certification Krystin cannot swim Krystin can ride a bike

Dear future host family, My name is Krystin I am 19 years old. I graduated high school last year. I am a very bubbly and energetic person. I care strongly for those around and I am kind to everyone I meet because you never know what someone else life is like so you have to be kind. I’m very open-minded and I like to think outside of the box. My favorite hobbies is drawing I’m okay at I’m definitely no...

Alexandra, 25 year Nanny from West Des Moines, Iowa, USA searching for a Au Pair & Nanny job in Australia, Egypt, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam

Nanny English, Spanish Jan 2020 - Dec 2021 10-12 months Average response
Alexandra is a Non-Smoker Alexandra has got a first aid certification Alexandra can swim Alexandra can ride a bike

We are happy to introduce Alexandra living in USA, who is dreaming of working as Au Pair & Nanny. The Au Pair graduated from and is recently employed as Nanny. Alexandra is proficient in English. The applicant communicates in Spanish . The Au Pair is an experienced driver and has a driving

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