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Zuzanna living in Poland

Zuzanna (17 / Ms. ), Polish, Student - High School living in Poland looking for Au Pair & Nanny job in United Kingdom, Italy & Spain for 1-3 months

Au Pair ID 999162

Nationality Polish

Full name Zuzanna

City/State Zielona Góra/lubuskie

Country Poland

Start Jul 2019 - Aug 2019

Duration of stay 1-3 months

Good knowledge of English, Polish

Last action 6 Days Ago




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Letter to the family

Dear host family,

My name is Zuzanna and I am turning 18 this year. Since I was born I live with my family in Zielona Góra which is a big city a hour away from Germany. Our city- Zielona Góra is the largest city in Lubusz Voivodeship, in western Poland, with 140 000 inhabitants. There are a lot of v ineyards here, my city is famous of wine. We have Wine Festival every September which is one of the biggest ceremony in Poland. My city the most forested city in the country, we don’t have a problem with the smog. I go to a great local high school, where I expend subjects like knowledge about the society, geography and English. After school I work in a Call Center as a telemarketer. From May to December I had been working in Bubble Tea World. I have a lot on my mind but still I have time for my family, friends and passions like reading book or drawing. I love challenges and one of them is being a babysitter this summer.
Typical polish family is mother, father and children and this stereotype makes my family unusual. I live with 6 members of my family in a large house in a very peaceful neighborhood. Around our home are forests, brooks and glades. Except people my family includes dog, two cats, a turtle and five parrots. I can say it is merrily in our home!
First person I live with is my mother Beata, she is physiotherapist. She works in a postsecondary school, where she teaches massage. She is the most sensitive and kind person I know. My mother is chairwoman of volunteering in her school, she helps people and animals a lot. My mother got divorced with my father when I was 2 years old. My father has his own German company with lighting in other city- Szczecin, I see him almost every weekend because he has a flat in Zielona Góra too.
Second person is my brother Maksymilian, he is 21 years old and he just finish high school two years ago. He works at petrol station. His biggest passion is Polish hip-hop, he loves to listen this kind of music. He wrote three songs with his friend. Also he is a great football player, he plays sports all his life.
Third person is my sister Julia, she is 12 years old and she goes to a primary school near our house. She is probably the best student, she has only the best grades and she wins almost every contest. She is great in every subject, from history, by maths and biology to P.E and and arts. She is a great dancer and active volunteer.
Fourth and fifth are my grandparents- Roma and Jerzy, they are both retired. My grandmother used to have her own shop with porcelain, my grandfather was a great engineer, he used to work as a president of a local football team, as a chairman of four-start hotel and he oversaw construction of many buildings. Now they spend their time on taking care of our house, garden and pets. They both are into policy.
The last person I live w with in my aunt Monika, my mother’s sister. She works as human resource manager in a corporation. My aunt loves cooking and she is very into healthy diet. She loves long walks with our dog, going to cinema and reading books.
During holidays in 2016 I was on the seaside with my mother and sister. I was babysitting children of my mother’s friend. Stasiu was 6 years old and Stefan was 7 years old. Most of the time I was tooking them to a playground, beach and ice cream parlor. We were playing boarding games, playing in the summer rain. They loved football so we were on the pitch everyday. It was very good time for me, I enjoyed spending time with them, even thought they were kind of naughty sometimes.
Last year I was looking after three children of my mother’s friend. Their mother was busy with her flower shop during holidays and she needed someone to help her with the youngsters. Piotr was 1 year old, Jagoda was 3 years old and Karol was 7 years old. I had to make sure Jagoda and Karol are safe during playing, because they were very vigorous. Most of the time I didn’t take care of them all at once, sometimes their mother needed help with Piotr, sometimes with Karol. I spent time with them similarly as with Stasiu and Stefan. Children during holidays just want to play, so I needed to fill their time. One of my obligation was clearing up the flower shop, also once I went with the family on a wedding where I had to look after three of them.
In the nearest future, while I am young and I don’t have any commitments I want to experience everything. I want to travel all around the world, work in many different countries, make new friends, have fun and build up my character and knowledge. After that I would like to study marketing in London and have my own company. In my early 30s I want to raise a family. My biggest goal is to derive from life as much as it is possible and treat myself and other with kindness.
One of my new passions is reading books. I love books about personal development and psychology. Romance novel or dramat is perfect for evening after my long day of school and work in Call Center. I take a lot from books and I widen my knowledge. My second, probably the biggest passion is travelling. I love meeting new people, for me there is nothing better than visiting foreign countries. I have been in Great Britain, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey and few other countries. After finishing high school I want to buy a van and travel may other countries with my friends. I would like to visit every continent. Other passions of mine are: watching series, spending time with my friends, preparing healthy meals, doing yoga and stretching. I love music, listening to it and also playing instruments. I can play a guitar and in the future I want to learn how to play the piano.
I want to be an au pair because I would be the best way of spending holidays for me. I love Great Britain, I’ve been there four times and it is definitely my place. I love people and children are small version of us- being a part of their growing up is an amazing experience because we have strong influence on their future. They depend on us- they are direct and honest which makes them wonderful. I would love to be a part of their life for a short time and I think I would be a great au pair. I’m not perfect- because nobody is perfect, but I always do everything as good as I can and I always try to treat everyone with kindness. I know that being a babysitter comes along with responsibilities and it will not always be just play and fun. Also living with me isn’t problematic at all- I know that it won’t be mine house, but yours and I will have to follow your rules. One thing that should be said is that I am a vegetarian but I don’t expect you to make any special meals for me. I will eat everything except meat, also I can cook with the children simple, vegetarian meals if you will only want to. I would like a family which lives in London or nearby because my cousin lives there and I could see him on weekends. I hope. That doesn't of course exclude families that lives in other countries.
I would be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you: to answer whatever questions you may have about me or my childcare experiences; to learn more about your family; your interests and to know more about what you expect from the au pair arrangement.

Thank you very much for your interest in my application!
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,
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Personal information

Non-SmokerHas attended a first-aid training - Yes
Can swim well - Yes
Can ride a bike - Yes

Can swim well

Can ride a bike

Has a driver's license

Has siblings

Has a valid passport


Has attended a first-aid training

Current occupation Student - High School

Education Secondary School

Basic knowledge of -

Sports  stretching

Religion No Religion

Religion for you is Not important

Special diet considerations Vegetarian

Has health problems Nie

Height 177cm = 5'9"

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Job information

Can work more for extra money - Yes
Can care for special needs children - NoDoes accept family with pets - Yes
Can take care of pets - Yes

Duration of stay 1-3 months

Earliest starting date Jul 2019

Latest starting date Aug 2019

Can care for special needs children

Can care for special needs people

Does accept family with pets

Can take care of pets

Can work more for extra money

Preferred area Big City, Suburb, Town

Hours of child care experience in the past 24 months 50 - 100

Age group 1 - 5 years old, 6 - 10 years old, 11 - 14 years old

How many children / people would you like to take care of? 2

Would you work for a single parent? Yes, with the mother

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