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Special eating habits/ special diet

A lot of young people nowadays are on a diet or follow a vegetarian/ vegan life style.
But what is the Au Pair life with special eating habits like?
Generally, it is your own decision, how and what you want to eat and nobody should influence this decision of yours. 
Nevertheless, it is obvious that it is much more difficult to find a suitable host family as an vegetarian or vegan, since a lot of host families aren´t willing to face extra efforts because of the Au Pair. They would have to purchase special products, prepare separate meals and you wouldn´t be able to help them with preparing their meals. At least that is the impression the host families have. 
Both host family and Au Pair should be open-minded and ready to make compromises.
Of course you can consent to do your own grocery shopping and prepare your own meals. 
Despite everything, you should be willing to prepare the kids meals with meat, because the host family will most likely not require that you prepare raw meat. As a vegan/vegetarian Au Pair you should be willing to prepare sausages in hot water or nuggets in the oven for example. Accept that the host family and the kids don´t want to go without calories, meat or animal products. 
Of course there are a few host families, that have specific eating habits, too, but as an vegan/vegetarian you shouldn´t bank on finding such a family.
The host family needs to accept your lifestyle, too, and since they are obliged to provide you with, they also need to give you food, that is okay with your morals and habits. But in these cases the Au Pair also needs to understand, that it will have to cook its own meals most likely.
But even when you´re eating something different than the rest of the family,  you should make sure to have your meals together whenever it is possible. That way you can improve your relationship to each other.
You could also suggest preparing your favorite dish for the whole family once so that you can bring them your lifestyle a bit closer.

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