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Diego's family from ARLINGTON, USA

Au Pair experience of family Diego from ARLINGTON, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ American Au Pair

many opportunities, it was easy and quick to find someone. thank you very much

Shradha's family from New Orleans, USA

Au Pair experience of family Shradha from New Orleans, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Argentinean Au Pair

I really like Sofia, I like her personality and I have had 3 video calls with her and she seems very proficient.

Glenny's family from College Point, USA

Au Pair experience of family Glenny from College Point, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Ecuadorian Au Pair

I find it very interesting and with a wide choice of very good candidates with easy and quick access.

Amanda's family from Winchester, USA

Au Pair experience of family Amanda from Winchester, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Dominican Au Pair

We are new to the AuPair program but the website was helpful

Deribe's family from Clarksville, USA

Au Pair experience of family Deribe from Clarksville, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Ethiopian Au Pair

I have been using Aupair for the last 4 months or so and it is a very nice website to connect people who really need each based on culture, religion... Really appreciated

Aaron's family from Beaverton, USA

Au Pair experience of family Aaron from Beaverton, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Brazilian Au Pair

Our experience was over all good. We had two Au Pairs that we tried to match with before we settled on our selected Au Pair.

Saba's family from Gaithersburg, USA

Au Pair experience of family Saba from Gaithersburg, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Nigerian Au Pair

This is my first experience with Au Pair, If all works out, it will be a wonderful experience and I will be eternally grateful.

Kenneth's family from Downey, USA

Au Pair experience of family Kenneth from Downey, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Mexican Au Pair

Au pair itself is pretty good it’s a little unfortunate that you have to find someone so quickly and use a premium it would be nice if you could kinda get a trial run to see how it works but I hope that in the end it was some you know the right choice

Kimberly's family from Kyle, USA

Au Pair experience of family Kimberly from Kyle, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Georgian Au Pair

I found someone I was interested in in only one day and I found it to be very easy.

Catelyn's family from FORT WORTH, USA

Au Pair experience of family Catelyn from FORT WORTH, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ English Au Pair

So amazing! I couldn't believe the profile. Seriously.

Jim's family from Bigfork, USA

Au Pair experience of family Jim from Bigfork, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ American Au Pair

I found Mary on in spring of 2021. She became a nanny for my family and has stayed for 18 months. She had a good amount of experience with children and wanted to get experience working on a farm with animals so this turned out to be a great match. We have had a blast having her be a part of our family and we want to continue.

Farieda's family from Piscataway, USA

Au Pair experience of family Farieda from Piscataway, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ West Indian Au Pair

This is my first time, it is easy to fill out form

Colleen's family from El Dorado, USA

Au Pair experience of family Colleen from El Dorado, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Nepali Au Pair

This will be my first time using an Au Pair. We are excited to start this journey!

Brandie's family from Chino Hills, USA

Au Pair experience of family Brandie from Chino Hills, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Estonian Au Pair is awesome. Best place to find an Au Pair. Viktoria has done everything we have asked of her and has truly become part of the family. We will miss her when she leaves in December and we wish her the best of luck in her new job. Hopefully she’ll continue to visit us.

K.'s family from Moorestown, USA

Au Pair experience of family K. from Moorestown, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Nigerian Au Pair

I appreciate the services provided here and I am looking forward to getting things done

Folashade's family from St. Augustine, USA

Au Pair experience of family Folashade from St. Augustine, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Ugandan Au Pair

This website is amazing, thank you for providing the opportunity to look for an au pair!

Jason's family from CHANDLER, USA

Au Pair experience of family Jason from CHANDLER, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ American Au Pair

I had a fantastic experience with and would definitely recommend their service to anyone looking for an au pair. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and I was able to find a great match for my family within just a few days of signing up. The communication with the au pairs was smooth and efficient, and the website ❱❱

Mike's family from Broward County, USA

Au Pair experience of family Mike from Broward County, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Costarican Au Pair

We have only had positive experiences with our aupair. Our candidate has since deleted her account so we are unable to see it any longer. There have been several diffculties with as discussed on several occasions wiith Rafael. Some of the feedback was implemented, but other has not. Please reach out to Rafael for further ❱❱

Mohamed's family from Elmwood Park, USA

Au Pair experience of family Mohamed from Elmwood Park, USA

❱ USA  |  ❱ Egyptian Au Pair

I'm happy to use the application and it's helpful

irene's family from camerano, Italy

Au Pair experience of family irene from camerano, Italy

❱ Italy  |  ❱ Canadian Au Pair

The site is user-friendly and very intuitive. It is a wonderful experience of cultural and human enrichment for everyone. There were some initial difficulties to overcome but with dialogue and mutual acceptance we were able to overcome all problems.

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