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Stories and reviews of families from Spain, Germany and around the world who have hired an Au Pairs to take care of their children and have been part of the cultural exchange

francisco's family from Spain


Stefan's family from Germany is a very functional place to find an AuPair, except the search for names or keywords is not possible, which makes it sometimes inconvenient. The search would be necessary, since there are to be contacted and talked to hundreds of candidates to find the "jewels" among the "fakes" and the "I prepare an incomplete profile just to see what happens without having a clue about the AuPair-system" and the "can you marry me"´s. But of course this problem is not to be allocated to, but just a problem of the times and people abusing the homepage....

Peter's family from United Kingdom


Ricard's family from Spain

Kaja was a very helpful au pair and she did all the tasks assigned with care and on a good mood. We learnt a lot about her philosophy of life and her veggie recipes. We wish her all the best for the future!!

Mohamed's family from Luxembourg

Practical, easy, large selection to pinpoint to your requirements.rnConsequence: we selected the right fit for our kids. We are doing it this upcoming year through

Francesca's family from Spain

Both experiences have been great!! The website is easy to manage and Rosa has been a wonderful Au Pair and a very sweet and cheerful girl. Totally recommended!

Danny's family from United Kingdom


Jeannie's family from Germany


Iris's family from Germany

Ines was our first and best aupair, we are still in touch...

Lynn's family from United Kingdom

Sonja was a fantastic au pair. She fitted in very quickly and really became part of your family. She got on well with everyone and was so helpful. We miss her!

Teresiah's family from United Kingdom

It's a very good website

Marie's family from Germany

Dear AuPair Team, we´ve been extremly lucky to meet our first aupair through Our first aupair is originally from Ukraine, but she knew German and Germany already, since she lived here for almost 3 years. She was living with us for almost one year and she integrated herself into our family as a real family member. She saw what needed to be done and she bonded with our newborn baby girl like a sister, maybe even closer. After this great year with her, she started to do an "Ausbildung" (3 year training on the job) as an engineering draftswoman in September 2019, in a company just 20 minutes from our home and she still comes to see us frequently and attends our family parties. We also met our second aupair through but unfortunatelly, she is the complete opposite of our first aupair. She comes from Kazakhstan and she lied to us about her intentions to come to Germany in the beginning already. She came here to be together with her German boyfriend. Before we hired her, we asked about having a boyfriend in Germany and she lied to us. She used the aupair visa to come to Germany several weeks earlier, before she started being our aupair, but claimed towards us, that she is still in her hometown. She has only very little interest in our one year old baby girl, but much more interest to learn German language and have free days to meet with her boyfriend, since she already told us, that she will definetly marry this guy to stay in Germany. It turns out, that she is lying very often and we lost the trust in her completely. She thought, that she just has to take care of a baby for 4 hours per day and taking care means to her, just sitting in the same room, learning German and watching the baby, no matter if the baby cries, is hungry or thursty or if the diaper needs to be changed. She didnt expect, that she has to help with the dishes, prepare food for the baby, or help in the kitchen when we cook etc. Since she is not interested in taking good care of our baby and doesn´t want to be part of the family, we are looking for a new aupair. After the first really great experience, the second one is very bad. We hope, that a new aupair will fit much better to us and especially doesn´t lie. But most important to us is, that the new aupair loves to take care of our baby and stay with us as a family member, which also includes helping with the daily chores. We already learned from our experience, that it´s important to check, the motives of the aupair for their wish to come to Germany and to have not just one interview and 2 or 3 video calls, but write and talk over several weeks and try to get to know more about the aupair. Otherwise, it might be very disappointing, for us and the aupair. Kind regards UK

Manish's family from United Kingdom


MATTHEW's family from United Kingdom paltform made finding our 1st Au Pair very easy, Brianna was also super efficient in her communications.

Silvio's family from Italy


Gabriele's family from Austria

Every year a good choice

Fidelis's family from United Kingdom

Another positive au pair experience

Andrada's family from United Kingdom is a great platform fir those looking for an au pair. Our au pair has been great. The children loved her a lot

Roberto's family from Italy

It was a good experience. We hope that we've found what we were looking for

Lisa's family from Germany

Great website to find potential au pairs. Many of them unfortunately don't read half the information provided but I think we found a great match and are now waiting for Lidia to arrive in February.