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Canadian family in Waterloo, Canada, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Aug 2020 - Sep 2020 2 Children Waterloo (Big City) 800 CAD per month

Hello, Our family would like to welcome an Au Pair to help with our two children who will be in senior kindergarten and Grade 1 next September. As their dad travels for work and mom works too, we need help mainly with dropping off and picking up the kids from school every day, giving you lots of time during the day for other activities of your own.

Canadian family in West Kelowna, Canada, offering an Au Pair job for >1 year

>1 year Apr 2020 - Jun 2020 2 Children West Kelowna (Big City) 850 CAD per month

Hello! We live in the beautiful Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. Kelowna is a medium sized city with lots to do. We live about 15 minutes from downtown in West Kelowna, very close to wineries and the lake.

Canadian family in RIGAUD, Canada, offering an Au Pair and Granny Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Mar 2020 - Apr 2020 2 Children RIGAUD (Town) 800 CAD per month

Hello and welcome to our home! We would be more than happy to meet you! We live in Rigaud, a small town about 45 minutes west of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This would be our first experience as an Au Pair family and we intend to integrate our Au Pair as a family member. Benevolence will be reciprocal here. Our family has traveled a lot, we know what it's like to be away from home, to want to discover. We are excited about new cultural encounters and look forward to introducing you to ...

Canadian family in Beaupré, Canada, offering an Au Pair and Tutor job for 4-6 months

4-6 months Feb 2020 - Mar 2020 1 Children Beaupré (Town)  -

SVP UNE FILLE SERIEUSE ET PRÊTE BIENTÔT À VENIR. NOUS VOULONS UNE FILLE QUI VEUT VENIR POUR L'ÉCHANGE DE LANGUES ET MÊME POUR APPRENDRE LE FRANÇAIS DANS NOTRE FAMILLE SI VOUS VOULEZ! Vous voulez venir au Québec pour apprendre ou améliorer votre français tout en partageant votre langue. Vous voulez vous faire partie de notre famille et être une amie, une grande soeur pour notre fille et faire beaucoup d'activités intéressantes? Je crois que vous avez trouvé une belle famille! Nous ...

Canadian family in Charlottetown, Canada, offering an Au Pair job for 1-3 months

1-3 months Feb 2020 - Apr 2020 3 Children Charlottetown (Suburb) 600 CAD per month

Hello! : ) We live in a beautiful part of Eastern Canada (just look up PEI!) and we are in a lovely suburb about 15 mins walk to the boardwalk and park and 25 mins walk to downtown where there is lots to see and do. There are busses just up the street from our house as well. Our au pair will have separate quarters in the newly renovated apartment attached to our house. You are welcome to use our bicycles and our

Canadian family in Montréal, Canada, offering an Au Pair job for 1-3 months

1-3 months Jul 2020 - Aug 2020 3 Children Montréal (Town) 800 CAD per month

Bonjour! Nous t'invitons à venir passer l'été prochain parmi notre belle famille! Nous habitons dans une grande maison super bien située à Montréal, à quelques minutes du jardin botanique, du stade olympique, du centre-ville et de toutes les meilleures attractions de la ville. Il y a un vélo à ta disposition pour tes déplacements et l'autobus passe au coin de la rue pour t'amener au métro le plus près (qui est à 10 minutes de marche de la maison). Le quartier est super paisible ...

Canadian family in lillooet, Canada, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Feb 2020 - Apr 2020 3 Children lillooet (Town) 300 CAD per month

Hello, to whom ever is interested in this wonderful opportunity. We live in a small town in the mountains, it is very beautiful here ,cold in the winter with snow and quite hot in the summer. We have many lakes and rivers to swim in and everything is in walking distance. We have a library that offers language lessons. The town is so small we don't have public

Barbadian family in Barrie, Canada, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Apr 2020 - Jul 2020 3 Children Barrie (Suburb) 800 CAD per month

We reside in Barrie Ontario which is a growing city 1 hour away from Toronto, there are many Aupair families in this city and the girls love to meet up. We are looking for a female between 25-60 who can keep up with young boys and mature enough to take care of a 9 month old baby. Tell us about you and we can answer any questions you may have for us!

Canadian family in Toronto, Canada, offering an Au Pair job for 4-6 months

4-6 months Apr 2020 - Apr 2020 2 Children Toronto (Big City) 100 CAD per month

Hello! We are a busy family of four looking for an extra pair of hands to help keep us under control. We live along the subway line in Toronto in a lovely home not far from the downtown core. We currently have an au pair from Germany who will be leaving us at the end of March. We are looking for the next person to join our family.

Canadian family in Boucherville, Canada, offering an Tutor job for 10-12 months

10-12 months Jun 2020 - Sep 2020 Select Children Boucherville (Suburb) 400 CAD per month

Welcome to Canada. Family of four looking for some help. We live in a very safe and welcoming town. French is the first language of choice with English being a close second. Google maps will give you a good Idea as to were we live. Boucherville,

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