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Your Au Pair personality according to the Zodiac

by Felicia
Au Pair personality in the Zodiac
The past few months haven’t been easy, the current health crisis has influenced our everyday life and it’s still the major topic in the media. Nonetheless, following the need of lightening the atmosphere, our weekly blog post is dedicated to an abstract theme today. Let your mind fly up to the stars this week and learn to read the signs from the universe. 
The question "which zodiac sign are you?" is probably one of the most common party ice-breakers. How many times have you asked and answered this question? Whether you are fond of astrology or not, you have to admit that the Zodiac is fascinating and sometimes can even reveal aspects of your personality and explain your behaviour. So, we asked ourselves what your zodiac sign can disclose about your Au Pair being. Curious? Then keep on reading! If you are currently au pairing or if you have already been an Au Pair, you may find some interesting input!

Astrology: a definition

Astrology is defined as a pseudo-science (not to be confused with astronomy). The word comes from the Greek astron (stars) and logos (the study of) and the discipline dates back to millennia ago when the ancient civilizations used to interpret the position of the stars to predict the future. In the past, time was organized according to the seasons, the cycles of the moon and the sun and whole societies relied on this system. From the Egyptians to the Greeks, astrology is a very ancient practice that survived until today.
The position of the stars is said to influence the earth’s happenings and people’s personalities. But what does "position of the stars mean"? Well, we are talking about the Zodiac (from the Greek, “circle of animals”), literally an area of the sky. The Zodiac is the constellation and, according to Western astrology, it is divided into 12 areas (signs), each one with specific qualities. 
Today’s astrology represents something like philosophy and there are experts in the field studying the characteristics of the signs and their influence on our everyday life. Great importance is also given to the ascending, your real self, so to say. Apparently, the star map of the day and time you were born can reveal something more about your personality. So, you should check and calculate your ascending - easily doable on the Internet - to find out more hints about your character.
Astrologists publish daily or weekly horoscopes, where you are supposed to read what’s going to happen in the next days, whether you’ll receive a new job offer or your love relationship will drastically end. In the Western world where everything is extremely concrete and conceptualized, astrology represents the presence of the supernatural, a sort of divine guide which explains our traits according to something which is beyond our immediate power and influence. This is maybe one of the reasons why it’s still such a trend.
When we talk about astrology, we mostly refer to the Western tradition, but keep in mind that it’s not universal! The Indian Vedic tradition is one of the most ancient ones, whereas, China has another specific zodiac system, based on the moon’s movement towards the earth - and not the Sun. A moon cycle lasts 60 years and 12 sectors alternate, each corresponding to an animal. So every year is dominated by a certain animal. 2020 is in fact the mouse’s year. Enjoy it dear mice!
We also have to admit that people may be so fascinated by the topic, that they tend to justify their actions according to their starry inclinations (Scorpio guys, I’m talking to you!). Jokes apart, let’s keep our feet on the ground and approach this topic with a light attitude, and with our critical sensibility turned on.

Au Pair in the Zodiac

Let’s get it started with a general and biased - from a Gemini’s point of view - description of the general characteristics said to belong to each of the zodiac signs. Some traits can be read from the perspective of the relationship that each sign tends to create with children and in a situation similar to the one of an Au Pair. Watch out and don’t forget to check your ascending too to find out which kind of Au Pair you are according to your zodiac sign!

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

Stubborn, touchy and precise, three words to describe the Capricorns’ personality. The Capricorn has a special eye for details and loves to succeed. In fact, they are stubborn when it comes to reaching a goal. As a Capricorn Au Pair, you will probably experience a very smooth stay and you will easily gain the trust of the Host Kids, teaching them about loyalty and your most important moral values. Aiming to the results, a Capricorn Au Pair really wants to be the best Au Pair, focusing on the kids’ needs and success, making sure they make the right choices. But don’t forget to relax, Capricorn! Success can also be reached through some rest! 

Aquarius: January 21 – February 18

Aquarius is apparently a synonym for freedom and curiosity towards the new. An Aquarius always has something interesting to say, a really good communicator, especially when it comes to expressing their own opinion - which is mostly the right one. The Host kids won’t get bored with an Aquarius Au Pair! Definitely the contrary of a Capricorn, an Aquarius Au Pair doesn’t strictly follow the rules but is always able to reach her/his goals. On the other hand, the Au Pair experience will be a great occasion to adapt and to receive important responsibilities. 

Pisces: February 19 - March 20

Pisces is one of the sweetest signs of the zodiac. They are very sensitive and creative, also a little untidy, but which artist isn’t? Pisces are somehow practical, kind and generous, the best combo for working with kids! With your specific wisdom and knowledge, you will share your creativity and you’ll get along well with the children. Be aware that sometimes being too kind with the kids can be tricky! And don’t forget to turn off your brain when your Au Pair day is done: sadness is not the key for a fresh start!

Aries: March 21 - April 20

A strong fire sign, the Aries is brave and practical, as well as caring and bossy. Their strong discipline alternates with impulsivity but they like to keep everything under control. If the Aries Au Pair can be touchy sometimes, her/his mind will bring tons of brilliant ideas to do with the kids. Being honest, bossiness is required with kids, so the Aries' relationship with the kids will be clear from the very beginning and they will get hints of optimism from their precious Aries Au Pair.

Taurus: April 21 – May 21

Down to earth. Taurus is definitely a passionate and touchy sign, with colourful hints of stubbornness. A Taurus works really precisely and doesn’t waste anything. The passion of a Taurus Au Pair is obvious in her/his relationship with the kids: the family is maybe the most important value for a Taurus. Being quiet and patient, the Taurus is also a fighting animal. You’d better avoid discussions with a Taurus! Someone says that Taurus is also lazy… Well, it doesn’t match all the Taurus I know. Do you agree with that?

Gemini: May 22 – June 21

The two-sided zodiac sign, as we all know. Gemini tend to be indecisive, creative and they are good communicators in general. A Gemini Au Pair, following the characteristics of this sign, will guide the kids through a various amount of different activities, from parks to museums, keeping them active and curious. The kids will never get bored but they may find it hard to follow the Gemini Au Pair’s flow. They are going to teach the kids as much as possible, letting them be free and to express themselves. Communication is always the key! 

Cancer: June 22 – July 22

You may recognize a Cancer as soon as you see it: friendliness and extroversion are the two main ingredients of their personality. Cancer is playful and balanced and tends to be very attached to his/her friends and family. Note that friendliness doesn’t mean that they make friends with everyone. It may be difficult to enter their inner circle of trusted people. A Cancer Au Pair will get attached to the Host Family very soon and will create a strong bond with the kids, keeping them active with lots of games and fun ideas and giving them all their attention. You can’t find a more caring sign!

Leo: July 23 – August 23

Dear Leo, you very much respect the nature of your spirit animal, the king of the jungle. The Leo is said to be a born leader, with its strong will and stubbornness. You may enjoy taking risks and be at the centre of attention, being proud and self-conscious, generous at the same time. Leo Au Pair? S/he will give the kids lots of attention and will be ready to support them in whatever they do. Loyalty, love and pride may be the best qualities that the Host kids will learn from a Leo.

Virgo: August 24 – September 22

Are you looking for a precise, clean and organised Au Pair? You may want to have a look at those born between August and September! Virgos are perfectionists and really like harmony! They love rules and they may well adapt in an Au Pair context, especially when working with kids involves organization and following a routine. The Au Pair will always be there to help and will give their best to make the kids succeed. Who knows… seeing your Host kids cleaning the house together with the Au Pair won’t be so surprising after a year!

Libra: September 23 – October 23

Sweetness and indecisiveness, Libras always stand up for justice, which sometimes doesn’t correspond to the given rules. Having fun is also part of their being and becoming an Au Pair can be what a Libra needs. The Au Pair will probably push the kids to develop their artistic side, going together to museums and exhibitions, and enjoy the beauty of life. Cooperating with the Host parents can be of great importance because kindness and precision are what characterize a Libra.

Scorpio: October 24 – November 22

Close but far, Scorpios and Libras couldn’t be more different. Scorpios go straight to the point, they are stubborn and smart - it’s difficult to cheat them. They are funny and have a sharp sense of humour. Jealous and protective, a Scorpio Au Pair will always be there to protect the Host Kids. Keeping them busy throughout the day with tons of activities, they won’t have problems falling asleep in the evening. As well as for the Taurus, Scorpios never forget. You’d better stick up to the contract because the Scorpio Au Pair will never forget what you’ll do wrong.

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21

Last but not least, Sagittarius Au Pairs, here we are! Curious and explorative as you are, the Au Pair experience will represent a unique occasion to satisfy your hunger for new challenges. You’ll tend to travel as much as possible, loving life and with your enthusiasm. Kids will probably join the Sagittarius Au Pairs on little trips and will enjoy their open-mindedness and will be encouraged to explore and go beyond. 
That’s all from the stars! Did you find any good inspiration from your zodiac sign? How would you describe your relationship with kids? Leave us a comment below.
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