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How to travel environment friendly

by Sammy-JoReading time: 2 min.
How to travel environment friendly
As everybody should know by now: Global warming is a thing and it’s not good. Technically, we know that travelling isn’t the best thing for the environment. But is there a way to satisfy our urge to see the world while always being environment friendly?

Go by train or bus

Yes, I know, flying is a lot more comfortable. BUT if you are only travelling through Europe, you might want to consider taking the train or the bus. Not only is this way better for the environment, often, it’s also a lot cheaper than a plane ticket.

Obviously, when you’re travelling from Spain to China, taking the train is not exactly a realistic option. If you can’t get around flying to your destination, make sure your travel distance and length of stay are in an appropriate relation to one another. Flying to Hong Kong for a weekend would be the irresponsible choice to make, but the longer you stay there, the less harmful it will be for the environment.

Stay longer

As I said before: The longer the stay, the better for the environment. That being said, staying in another country for a long period of time can be expensive if you have to pay for food and hotels. An easy solution: Becoming an Au Pair! The Au Pair program gives you the chance to stay in your Host Country for a longer period of time on the cheap. You will stay with a Host Family, get free food and accommodation and even earn a little pocket money. All you need to do is take care of their children in return.

The best part: You will learn a lot more about your Host Country’s people and culture than if you would have stayed for a few weeks only.

Choosing the right flight

If you absolutely have to fly to get to your destination, make sure you book the right flight. Even though it might be more expensive, try booking direct flights. Every start and landing cause additional CO2 emissions that can be avoided this way.

Pro tip: Take the train to the airport. This way, at least your journey to the airport will be more environment friendly than if you would have taken the car.

As you can see, little changes can make a big difference. So try to incorporate some of these tips the next time you book a trip. The environment will thank you.

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