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What TV dad are you?

by AlenaReading time: 4 min.
What TV dad are you?
A couple of weeks ago we made our choice about the top 10 TV moms of all times. But we don’t want dads to feel unfairly ignored and forgotten so we chose a Top 10 TV fathers. If you were always wondering which character represents you as a dad most accurately, check our list and find out!
  • Hal Wilkerson, TV series “Malcolm in the Middle”

Hal, a father of five (six in the future) sons, is an easy-going, kind-hearted and in most cases understanding character. His love for his wife, Lois, is exceptional and unconditioned - same as his fear of her. This combination makes him both supportive and immature: he would do anything to keep his family and his wife happy but when Lois isn’t around he may behave very childish and reckless. However, despite these characteristics - or because of them - he usually understands his kids better than his wife.  

  • Jack Pearson, TV series “This is us”

It’s hard to compete with the moms on this show but there is a character who does, and this is, of course, Jack Parson, the father of the Big Three - Kate, Kevin and Randall. In episode Pilgrim Rick he says to his family "I am thankful for my family. I'm thankful that we're all safe and there's no one in the world that I'd rather be too hot or too cold with", and these words show his true personality - loving and kind man who finds his core in his family. He trusts and supports his kids without questioning them. He has his problems and he’s not always open about them from the beginning but he is willing to work on them to save the most precious thing he has - his family. 

  • Dan Conner, TV series “Roseanne”

He is the prototype of all goofy, funny and down-to-earth father characters who were created after his appearance on the screen. Dan Conner is a simple man, a working-class dad who deeply cares about his family. He is a classic father who can be strong and even uncompromising when needed but usually a thoughtful and loving guy. He has a special connection with his second daughter, Darlene, who shares his interest in sports and who helps him to work on the boat for his and his wife’s retirement. 

  • Rick Castle, TV series “Castle”

If you Google “Rick Castle and Alexis Castle”, you’ll find many pictures that describe the nature of the relationship between Richard Castle, the only single father on this list, and his daughter. Growing up, Richard didn’t have a father and was raised by a quite unattentive nanny, so when he became a father he made sure to spend as much time with his daughter as possible. He is very protective of her although sometimes he behaves less responsible than Alexis, which leads to her being a parent figure to him.  

  • Bob Belcher, TV series “Bob’s Burgers”

Bob Belcher, a restaurant owner and the main character of this animated series, maybe is the best dad on this list. You wonder why? Let’s see. He gets involved in his kids’ activities, he supports them no matter what, he is honest and patient, he doesn’t demand his kids to be or to act “normal”, he loves and respects his wife, he is a hard-working person and he truly cares for his kids’ happiness. If your kids compared you to Bob - just know that you’re doing everything right.

  • Phil Dunphy, TV series “Modern Family”

Phil is the kind of dad who calls himself "cool" and who really believes he is. He has a unique parenting style known as "peerenting" - that means he’s trying to act as a parent while talking like a friend. He is always trying to find mutual interest with his kids and to connect with them which is not easy as they don’t always appreciate his attempts. He is empathetic, sensitive and very optimistic which sometimes makes him a bit annoying for his teenage children.  

  • Ramesh, TV series “Master of None”

Ramesh is the father of the main protagonist of the story, Dev Shah, played by Aziz Ansari. Ansari is also a co-creator of the show, and to some extent it was based on his experience. And the most amazing thing - his real parents play his TV parents in this show. He portrays his father as he is: an immigrant doctor who left his country to provide a “dream life” to his family. Ramesh is a bit awkward with modern technology, sometimes old fashioned, funny in his way and very real.    

  • Sandy Cohen, TV series “The O.C.”

Unlike Phil Dunphy who’s trying to be cool, Sandy is cool. He is the best friend to his older son Seth, he trusts his kids to make their own mistakes and to learn from experience. His motto is “it’s going to be okay”. He is relaxed, he encourages his kids to communicate openly and to provide support when it’s most needed. He teaches his kids good values such as being kind, responsible and honest. 

  • Ted Mosby, TV series “How I Met Your Mother”

Even though we almost don’t have a chance to actually see him as a dad, Ted Mosby should be a great one (although he made his kids listen to his stories for some long evenings). First of all - he believes in true love and family. He is kinda obsessed with the idea to meet “the one” and to raise children with her. And when he finally does, he gives everything to this new chapter of his life. We also know that he’ll be a funny and kind dad watching him with his friend’s kid. And he really cares for his kids’ opinion because for nine seasons he literally aks for their permission to start dating again.

  • Ron Swanson, TV series “Parks and Recreations”

Eventually we see Ron Swanson as a stepfather and a father, but even before this we may consider him as a father figure to all other characters in this show. He values silence most of all things, he is a serious and a private person who usually doesn’t show many emotions but when people whom he loves need help, advice or even money he gives it without doubts and not asking anything in return. 

Who is your favorite TV dad or whom you find similar to yourself? Share with us in the comments! 

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