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How to find the perfect gift for your Host Kid's birthday

by LeonieReading time: 1 min.
How to find the perfect gift for your Host Kid's birthday
It’s your Host Kid's birthday soon and you have no idea what gift they might like? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! Here are some tips on how to find the perfect gift for your Host Kid.


First of all, your Host Kid is probably going to have a birthday party and one thing always has to be part of the celebration: cake! If you enjoy baking, then consider baking a cake for your Host Kid. This present will definitely be a joy not only for the kids but also for everyone else in your Host Family.

Favourite Meal

Do you really like cooking? Great! Your Host Kid probably has a favourite meal, so you can cook it for dinner.This is a great and delicious surprise gift for a child. You can even cook it together. Make it a fun and unforgettable memory for everyone. Presents don’t always have to be material!

Be creative

As an Au Pair you spend a lot of time with your Host Kids. After a while you know everything about them. Think about what they really love doing: maybe they are artsy? Do they spend a lot of time outside? What is the activity they prefer doing just with you?
After some time of reflecting, you can create a personalised gift card for your Host Kid. This shows your interest and care for the children and your Host Kid will have a great day with you.

Exchange cultures

Your Host Kids have a different cultural background than you. It’s time to share some of your culture with your Host Children! Before you start your Au Pair stay you can get gifts from your home country. There might be something you always played with or maybe there is a traditional item just for Kids in your country. Your Host Kids birthday is the perfect occasion to give such a present.

Remember: in the end, it is not about how much money you spend on the birthday gift, it is about the thought! Especially kids will appreciate any kind of present from the Au Pair. Just enjoy the day with your Host Kid, celebrate and show that you care!
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