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As an Au Pair you will have to face different responsibilities related to child care. Although you will probably be taking care of the children while teaching them your mother tongue, playing with them and keeping an eye on them whenever the parents are not there, you will be helping and looking after them in daily situations that may include common duties. Among these duties, cooking is a very important one, especially when it comes to following a healthy diet and making sure the children are going to love your recipes.

Can cooking be interesting for children?

Of course it can! But the right question would be, can I make cooking a new interesting activity for children?

In the first place, since having children around while cooking may be not that easy, we recommend you to invite them to participate by helping you. Children usually enjoy being of help in any case and allowing them to mix the ingredients or check the time may be a lot of fun for them! Also, they are really curious and love learning new things so it is important for you to keep them involved, explain the steps you both are following (don't forget that they are a big part of the team!) and ensure that they are going to be curious enough to try new meals out.

By following our tips, cooking may become your favourite activity!

Au Pair food ideas and Recipe sharing

Are you a great cook and you are never running out of cooking ideas? Do you have a blog for cooking or baking is your passion? Do not hesitate to share your ideas with us!

In order to provide our big Au Pair community with new cool and easy ideas, we have created a new site where all your recipes will be posted. The main idea behind this project is to help those Au Pairs who don't have a passion for cooking and find it hard to create new meals as well as to give those passionate cooks new challenges and tasty meals to try out. From sweet to salty, from breakfast to dinner, on are all your recipes welcome! 

If you want to see your recipe posted on the website, make sure you send the recipe together with a picture to 

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