Au Pair in Iceland

The hidden corner of Scandinavia - Iceland is the perfect destination for Au Pairs looking for an adventure surrounded by nature and a different scenery.
As an Au Pair in Iceland you will discover towns and landscapes that will make you believe in fantastic creatures. In fact, surveys show that around 80% of icelanders believe elves exist. This is such a popular belief that even roads and construction plans were modified or canceled to avoid destroying rocks in which elves are thought to live. You will be surprised to know that many icelandic children also believe in trolls.  
Iceland is also the youngest country in the world! This land began to rise from the North Atlantic sea “only” 25 million years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions that are still happening today.  Take a chance and discover that Iceland is much more than cold weather! 

Au Pair program in Iceland - overview

To become an Au Pair in Iceland you need to meet the following requirements: 
  • 18 - 27 years old (EU) or 18 - 25 (Non-EU)
  • Good English knowledge
  • Be able to afford the travel expenses
  • Experience and fun in child care
  • Interest in discovering scandinavian culture
  • Clean criminal record
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Find more information about the Au Pair program in Iceland! 
There are some participation requirements and many more information that Host Families and Au Pairs need to know to become part of the program.

Pro Aupair

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