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Au Pair in Iceland: contract and insurance

Au Pair insurance in Iceland
Safety is the main priority of any stay abroad. In this post, we will share more information about the Au Pair agreement and health insurance and how to deal with them. 

The Au Pair contract 

The Au Pair contract is a formal agreement between Host Family and Au Pair. This document should state the duration of the stay, the benefits (such as accommodation and meals), working hours, holidays, right to study and provisions on health and accident insurance. The official website of the immigration services also provides a model contract which you can use. However, they recommend to contact the Directorate of Immigration since some provisions may be outdated.  
Some other important points to include in the contract are: 

Termination of the contract

Au Pairs and Host Families sometimes struggle to get along and overcome the cultural differences. If they cannot find a solution after talking about their problems and giving each other some time to adapt, they can end the contract. 

After choosing to terminate the contract, both parties have to fulfil their duties during those two weeks. During this time the Au Pair has to find a new family. Consider that if the Au Pair has a visa or a residence permit in Iceland and the participant does not find a new family, then he/she has to return home. 


Au Pair insurance in Iceland 

Citizens of the European Union can apply for the European Health Insurance Card before traveling to Iceland. Au Pairs from Non-EU member states must get an insurance paid for by their Host Families. 

Health insurance for the EEA citizens in Iceland

Au Pairs from European Union member states can benefit from the Icelandic health services with the European Health Insurance Card. Au Pairs must request it in their home country before traveling to Iceland. 
The health services are different in each country; for this reason, it is important to verify the coverage to avoid paying additional fees. Healthcare in Iceland is universal and it covers up to 85% of the medical costs. Even with the EHIC, we recommend to get an additional private insurance. This will help you avoid any problems with medical fees and contribute to a safe stay. 

Health insurance for the non-EEA citizens in Iceland

Au Pairs from outside the European Union need a private health insurance which should be paid for by the family. The Icelandic Embassy or consulate requires a confirmation of the health insurance at the time of the visa appointment has also two insurance partners who have special options for Au Pairs. Read more about Dr. Walter or Care Concept.

Car insurance and driving license in Iceland

Au Pairs in Iceland will probably need to drive. Candidates with a driver's license issued in the Faroe Islands or an EEA Country can drive as long as they have a valid license.
Drivers from states that are not members of the EEA can drive for one month after they registered a legal domicile in Iceland. After that time, they must get an Icelandic driver's license. They will need to provide a health certificate and take a qualification test. They might waive the last requirement if the requirements in their home country are no less than the ones in Iceland. 
Please be sure that the insurance also covers accidents. Candidates must always check the traffic regulations in their country.  

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