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Au Pair in Iceland: salary, working hours, holidays, etc.

Au Pair salary in Iceland
Iceland is a land full of nature and breathtaking sceneries such as the Blue Lagoon, different volcanos and glaciers. Of course, Au Pairs and Host Families will also have certain responsibilities they need to follow.

Au Pair responsibilities in Iceland

Au Pairs in Iceland support the family by taking care of the host kids and doing some light housework. Some of the most common Au Pair duties are picking up the kids from school, playing with them, cleaning up the kitchen after a meal and preparing some simple recipes. Both parties should talk about all these tasks during the first interview. Later they should include the details in the Au Pair contract

Host Family duties in Iceland

Host Families in Iceland must have a private room for their new family member, provide meals during the stay, help the participant to attend a language or culture course, respect the working times and holidays and pay the pocket money. The family has to respect the contract and help the candidate to adapt to local lifestyle and culture as much as possible. 
In Iceland, Host Families also need to send a housing certificate to their Au Pair. This document is important to prove that the homeowner agrees to a foreigner living in his/her property. Additionally, they will need to confirm a minimum amount of money to pay for the Au Pair’s needs according to Icelandic regulations. 

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Working hours

Iceland establishes that Au Pairs will work up to 30 hours per week (including babysitting). Official regulations establish that two hours of work in the evenings count as one hour during the day.  Mealtimes do not count as working hours. 
Important: Au Pairs from Non-European Union (EU) countries are not allowed to work outside their Host Family. 

Au Pair salary in Iceland

Iceland does not specify the Au Pair salary. However, the average is around 80 € per week. Host Families also have to check the amount of money established by the Ministry of Social affairs in order to pay the Au Pair at least the minimum allowance.  

Time off and holidays

Au Pairs in Iceland have two free days during the week and at least one free weekend each month. Icelandic regulations establish that Au Pairs have one holiday week for every 26 weeks of work. 



Au Pairs in Iceland have a private room in the family’s home and meals during the whole stay. If the Host Family or Au Pair is vegan/vegetarian, it is important to talk about it and settle an agreement before signing the Au Pair contract

Language course

Au Pairs in Iceland can attend a language course or cultural events to improve their professional skills. However, the Host Family is not obligated to pay for the fees. 

What else?

  • The Host Family has to register their Au Pair at the corresponding foreign office as soon as possible. 
  • The Family should contact the foreign office in case of any doubts regarding local regulations.
  • Iceland establishes that during a 6-9 months stay, the Host Family can agree to pay for 50% of the international travel costs up to 25,000 ISK. For a 10-12 month stay, the family agrees to pay the international flight up to 50,000 ISK.

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