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Au Pair Iceland
Welcome an Au Pair in Iceland and discover another culture! Through this cultural exchange experience families do not only have a responsible and flexible option to childcare, but also a direct connection to a different culture. We have gathered the information you need to host an Au Pair in Iceland.

Can you become a Host Family in Iceland?

There are some requirements that Host Families need to meet in order to welcome an Au Pair in Iceland. If your family: 
  1. has at least one child under 18 years old
  2. can afford the program costs (Au Pair salary, health insurance, meals, etc.)
  3. has a private room for the Au Pair in the family home
  4. can provide a housing certificate
Are you qualified to be a Host Family? Then join and get in touch with the right candidates.
After the free registration, create your profile. You can add some pictures to make it more personal. We also recommend writing the “Welcome” letter to your future Au Pairs and describe your family and your expectations. It is always good to tell the candidates what your daily life looks like. 
When your profile is complete, you can start to get in touch with other users. With our Basic Membership you are able to send standard messages and add candidates to your list of favorites. You can also get a Premium Membership to send personalized messages, get our handbook and let the communication flow faster.
Family free registration
We have gathered all the information regarding the program regulations, insurance and visa process. Before making an agreement with a participant, please make sure that your candidate meets all the requirements for the stay. 

Hosting EU and Non-EU applicants in Iceland

Candidates need to meet certain requirements to join a Host Family in Iceland. The conditions vary depending on the Au Pair’s nationality and while considering a candidate from Non-EU/EFTA countries might require a few more steps, it will also increase your choice of candidates. 
Some other general expectations applicants should meet are: being medically fit, being unmarried, not having children of their own and being fluent in English or at least having a basic knowledge level of Icelandic. Families should also require candidates to have experience in taking care of children, since this is their main task during the program.

To get more information about the Au Pair experience, have a look at our Wiki. If you have any questions you can also check our FAQ’s or send us a message with your questions.  

Hosting an Au Pair from the European Union and EFTA

All candidates from the European Union and EFTA member countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) have to meet the following demands:
  • Age: 18 - 25 years 
  • Valid passport/identification (will be used to register at Directorate of Immigration)
When you find a candidate you like, don’t hesitate and show interest. Exchange some messages and then plan a video interview. If you think the candidate is right for you, sign the contract. Afterwards you will only need to arrange a couple of things. 
Insurance for Iceland
Participants from European Union/EFTA countries can benefit from the health system in Iceland through the European Health Insurance Card. Since the services covered by each public health system vary around the world, we recommend getting an additional private insurance. This way families will be able to avoid paying additional fees in case of an accident or illness.
Register your Au Pair
Citizens from the EU/EFTA countries do not need a residence permit in Iceland. However, if they intend to stay more than three months, they do need to be registered with Registers Iceland as soon as possible after their arrival. 

Program regulations and more

How to hire an Au Pair to Iceland from a Non-EU country?

Applicants from Non-EU/EFTA countries need to apply for a visa to Iceland at their residence country. The requirements needed for this process are: 
  • Age: 18 - 25
  • Ability to pay for the travel expenses and visa
  • Health insurance valid for the duration of the stay
  • Valid passport
  • Clear criminal record
Once you find the right match for your family, you can sign the contract and make the agreement official. Afterwards, you will need to support your Au Pair with the following steps: 
Housing certificate
Host Families must send their Au Pair a housing certificate. This document confirms that the homeowner agrees on a foreigner living in his/her property.
Proof of support
According to official regulations, Host Families must proof that they can support their guest financially during the length of the stay. 
Health insurance for Iceland
Applicants of the program in Iceland must confirm that they have a health insurance that is valid for at least six months, covers at least ISK 2,000,000 and is granted by an insurance company licensed in Iceland. 
Residence Permit for Au Pairs in Iceland
All Non-European Union/EFTA citizens need to register and process their residence permit card. For this, applicants need to be photographed at the Directorate of Immigration office or at the offices of the District Commissioners outside the capital area. They will also need to undergo a medical examination in accordance to the Act on Health Security and Communicable Diseases. 
Afterwards, Au Pairs will receive their Residence Permit within 10 workdays.
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