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Au Pair in Australia: contract and insurance

Au Pair insurance in Australia
Before the Au Pair stay begins, there are two very important matters that the Au Pair and the Host Family need to take care of: the contract and the insurance. 
In most of the countries, also in Australia, the Au Pair is in charge of purchasing the suitable insurance, covering the whole length of the stay. 
Both parties need to sign the contract before the Au Pair stay begins and should express mutual expectations of both the Host Family and the Au Pair. 

The Au Pair contract

Due to lack of official legislation, there is no standard Au Pair contract in Australia, therefore recommends to download the standard contract template and add all the important details according to your own needs.  
Try to make the contract as detailed as possible - there is no official program requirements therefore all the obvious information due to the country’s legislation should appear in the contract. Discuss and mention in the contract the following points: 
  • number of working hours
  • if possible, the exact schedule
  • number of free days per week, 
  • length and start date of the holiday break, 
  • details of the accommodation
  • detailed scope of responsibility, etc. 

Termination of the contract

There are no official rules about the termination of the Au Pair contract, but we strongly recommend to give both the Au Pair and the Host Family at least 2 weeks of termination period. During these 2 weeks, both sides should be able to find either a replacement or a plan B. 


The Au Pair insurance in Australia

The Au Pair should close a medical insurance before coming to Australia - in case of any accident or necessity for any medical treatment, the cost of the service may be overwhelming. 
If the Au Pair needs to drive a car in Australia, the Host Family needs to report this fact to their insurance company. Moreover, the Au Pair’s driving license may not be valid in Australia and therefore you will need to find a solution accordingly. 

Health insurance in Australia for Au Pairs

In Australia, foreigners are solemnly responsible for their medical insurance. Without it, the Au Pairs need to cover the cost of every medical treatment and hospitalization from their own pockets. The cost of one day in a local hospital can easily reach 1000 AUD. Citizens of Australia can use public health system Medicare, but overseas visitors are generally unable to use this system.
As medical service and hospitalization are very expensive in Australia, we highly recommend to purchase private medical insurance covering the whole length of the stay. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends Overseas Visitors Health Cover. It’s not a requirement, though, and it is possible to choose another private insurance instead. 
The citizens of countries that signed the reciprocal health care agreement with Australia can benefit from public health service. 

Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

OVHC offers various policies, different in terms of cost, benefits and eligibility. Most of the policies cover hospital admissions and other medical expenses. 
In addition to OVHC, General Treatment can cover private medical treatment, such as i.e. dentists. Depending on the policy, the Au Pair will need to cover the part of such costs out of the pocket, but the insurer should take care of the major part of costs. 
OSHC is an insurance aimed to assist international students during their courses in Australia. The insurance should cover the cost of hospitalization, ambulance, general medical care and limited scope of pharmaceuticals. 
More details are available on the Australia’s official websites for immigrants and visitors.

Reciprocal health care agreement in Australia

Applicants from certain countries, that have a reciprocal health care arrangement with Australia, can use the Australian health system in case of emergency or an immediate necessary treatment, but otherwise they can’t benefit from it. 
List of the countries that signed the agreement wit Australia: 

Belgium Finland Ireland Italy Malta
Netherlands New Zealand Slovenia Sweden United Kingdom

Nonetheless, the medical service is strongly limited even in this case, therefore we still recommend an additional, private insurance. We have two partner companies we are working with. Read more about Dr. Walter or Care Concept. They provide the insurance services for the applicants from all over the world.

Car insurance and driving license in Australia

Driving a car in Australia may be a challenging experience for many Au Pairs as there is a left side driving in Australia. Furthermore, in Australia there is quite a few road rules and laws that might be brand-new to every foreigner. The Au Pair should be an experienced driver to deal with Australian roads. The Host Family should make sure than the insurance company covers all possible damages of the car in case of any accident.
Requirements regarding insuring the vehicle and the driver vary depending on the state and territory in Australia. The Host Family should make sure that everything is in order with the local legislation. 
Laws and regulations vary from state to state regarding the Au Pair’s driver’s license as well. In some cases, the Au Pair will have to own and carry an International License and the foreign driving license. In other states, the Au Pair can have only the foreign driving license, but along with the formal translation into English. 
Check the exact rules before the Au Pair gets behind the wheel! 

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