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What kind of insurance do Au Pairs need?

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The Au Pair’s insurance is a critical factor for safe and carefree Au Pair’s stay abroad. Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for the Au Pair to cross the border of the Host Country. Au Pair should also consider accident and liability insurance, especially when she / he is going to drive a car in the Host Country. 
The cost of the Au Pair insurance is usually covered by the Au Pair, but in some countries the  Host Family must bear the costs. Make sure to check how it works in your case!
In this article you can learn more about:
Au Pair Insurance
Insurance plays an important role during your stay abroad, as in some countries medical help can be really expensive. The requirements depend on the Au Pair's citizenship, length of stay and chosen host country. The Au Pair might need to enroll with the National Health Care System. In other cases, the Au Pair will need to register with a private healthcare insurance. In some countries, the Host Family has to take care of the insurance coverage for their Au Pair. 

Free Registration as Candidate Free Registration as Family

Exact rules applying to the Au Pair insurance depend on the Host Country. Make sure to check the country regulations.
Please note that we can’t guarantee any of the information that we give about insurances.
The regulations differ from one insurance company to another and also depend on the kind of insurance that you have in your home country (family insurance etc.). Please ask your insurance company for more information!

Au Pair Insurance
If you are an EU citizen, you can benefit from the medical help within the EU provided by the European Health Insurance Card-EHIC. Check the regulations of your target country to make sure the EHIC is recognized there.

Even if you can get EHIC medical help we recommend checking the services you will be provided with. Services that are covered in your home country don't have to be covered in your host country. If you need any help, ask your future Host Family to provide you with some useful information.

Au Pair’s health insurance

Au Pair’s health insurance is mandatory in every case. Depending on the Host Country regulations, the cost of the Au Pair’s insurance is covered by the Au Pair (majority of the cases) or by the Host Family. Make sure to check these regulations.
Still, in some cases, the Au Pair can apply for a European Health Insurance Card and this way get basic insurance in the Host Country for free. This is possible in the case of applicants with any European Union country nationality becoming Au Pairs in another country belonging to the European Union.
In every other case, for example:
  • Au Pair from  EU becoming an Au Pair in country not belonging to EU
  • Au Pair from non-EU becoming Au Pair in country belonging to EU
  • Au Pair from non-EU becoming Au Pair in country not belonging to EU
the private health insurance will be most likely mandatory. 

European citizens in EU host country

As a European Union citizen you'll be able to apply for the European Health Insurance Card. It gives you the possibility to access the same medical rights as the natives of the host country. Consider that it works only for the host country's public healthcare system (private won't be included).  Also you need to check if all services that you get in your home country are possible to get in your host country. Talk to your Host Family to get an accident and liability insurance for your stay abroad. 

European Health Insurance Card
The EHIC allows all European Union citizens to receive medical treatment in any other EU country. How to get the EHIC? Learn more

Non-European citizens

Au Pairs that aren't from a EU country always have to get an insurance for their stay in another country. The Host Family and Au Pair needs to get information about the insurances and discuss who is going to be responsible for the costs. In countries that have official regulations for the Au Pair program, it is defined who has to bear the costs.
Discuss it with the Host Family and note this point in the Au Pair contract before moving forward to the next step. 

Pregnancy during the Au Pair stay

An unplanned pregnancy is one of the situations that might occur during the Au Pair's time abroad. If the Au Pair found out that she got pregnant, she should speak with the Host Family and discuss the situation. This may not always be a reason to terminate the Au Pair contract. If both parties agree, the Au Pair can continue performing her duties. 
In most cases, the health insurance is entitled to bear the pregnancy and birth costs. 

Get your international insurance now!

Pro Trip World

For general information about Au Pair and international insurance, check the Pro Trip World insurance by Dr. Walter. The insurance Pro Trip World was created for young world travellers, in particular for Au Pairs and exchange students.

Video: Insurance for young globetrotters

The following video introduces you to Dr Walter Insurance, an international health insurance policy and its special features.

The insurance package consists of:
  • international health insurance
  • liability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • luggage insurance
  • assistance insurance
The Pro Trip World insurance will be helpful for every international traveller and can be easily purchased online.  

Au Pair Insurance with Care Concept

Care Concept has been offering different solutions for travelers and adventurers for more than 15 years. The company insures private persons and groups, from usual travelers to employees of international enterprises, seasonal workers, participants of language courses, students, interns, participants of Work & Travel programs and, of course, Au Pairs.

Under the title „Care Au-Pair“ Care Concept  offers an international insurance for foreign Au Pairs in Germany/Austria and for german/austrian Au Pairs (except NAFTA) worldwide. The USA, Canada and Mexico are not included. This insurance also covers pain-relieving dental treatments, just as treatments during a pregnancy, as long as the pregnancy didn't exist before the stay. Also they will only be covered after 8 months of having the insurance.

The duration of the insurances varies from insurance to insurance, but still is very flexible. It is possible to terminate or enlarge the insurance any time. The application can easily be done online. 

Accident and liability insurance

If the Au Pair is going to drive a car, both the accident and liability insurance will be most likely mandatory. Who should bear the cost of this insurance is either defined in the Host Country regulations or must be discussed by the Au Pair and the Host Family during the video-interview. In some countries the insurance cost will depend on the Au Pair’s experience in driving a car, in other countries on the Au Pair’s age. In some countries it’s the car that will be the subject of the insurance. 
The exact requirements must be checked and clarified before the Au Pair arrives to the Host Country and takes a place behind the wheel.
Nonetheless, the accident and liability insurance may be useful in general case. Au Pair may cause an accident even off the road and cause severe costs to the Host Family or herself / himself. In such cases the previously purchased insurance may be a life-saver. 
Free Registration as Candidate Free Registration as Family

Do Au Pairs need an insurance?
Depends - if the Au Pair is an EU citizen and wants to work in an EU country, she won't need an additional insurance. In almost every other case the Au Pair will need an insurance. You can read more about the European Health Insurance Card here

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