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Au Pair in Australia

Would you like to become an Au Pair in Australia and travel around this amazing country? Then this article will explain to you how!
By becoming an Au Pair, you will be able to live there with a Host Family without having to pay rent and travel around to discover the variety of places that this huge continent has to offer.
Au Pair in Australia
Australia is a whole continent occupied by just one country, with friendly people, beautiful cities and an incredible variety of animals that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

It is also known for the multiculturalism - roughly 25% of Australians were born in another country. There you can find people from more than 200 countries, speaking different languages; but still, Australia remains the perfect place to learn English!

Au Pair program in Australia gathered all the necessary information about the Au Pair program in Australia.
Find more information in the articles below:

Contract and insurance

Before the Au Pair stay begins, there are two very important matters the Au Pair and the Host Family need to take care of: the insurance and the contract. We have gathered all the details to answer the most commonly asked questions. Read more

Visa information

Au Pairs usually need a visa to enter Australia - the only exceptions are citizens of New Zealand, who don’t need to apply for a visa before their arrival. The two types of visa are the Working Holiday and the Work and Holiday Visas. Read more

How to become an Au Pair in Australia: requirements

In this article, you will be able to find the requirements you need to fulfill to become an Au Pair in Australia, and the ones that are not compulsory but will facilitate the process of finding a Host Family. Read more

Salary, working hours, holidays and more in Australia

The program gives specific guidelines regarding salary, working hours, holidays and language course, but they can be changed slightly according to the needs and expectations of the Host Family and of the Au Pair. Read more

Australia: Guided tour

From the Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef, from the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, we will show you the best places to visit while being an Au Pair in Australia! Read more 


Why you should learn English

It’s one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. Besides you might already know a lot of English words since they are often a part of your native language. Find out why you should become an Au Pair in Australia to learn English. Read more

Becoming au pair in Australia with partner agency

Interested in becoming an Au Pair in Australia? No placement fee!
Your choice of dream family placement in your dream location - all arranged in writing before you leave.
Australia is an adventure of a lifetime: kangaroos and koalas, world’s best beaches, Outback, Great Barrier Reef, large multicultural cities, friendly relaxed lifestyle.
  • Great locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, large coastal and country towns
  • Quality, screened families that value cultural exchange and treat their au pair as part of the family
  • Careful matching to ensure au pair and family are a good fit
  • Comprehensive, signed agreement between family and Au Pair

Why choose Oz Au pair Australia?

GUARANTEE & SAFETY – By choosing to become an Au Pair through our agency – you will be fully supported throughout your experience by our friendly and experienced team.
Oz Au pair Australia uses a simple user friendly introduction process to our CAREFULLY SCREENED HOST FAMILIES in Australia. 
We listen to your preferences and do our very best to find matching families for you. Most of our Host Families have been using our agency for many years, so we know them really well. 
We provide you with lots of support material including our exclusive AU PAIR HANDBOOK - a BIG document full of handy information regarding preparing for your au pair time, childcare advice and general practical information 
  • Assistance with applying for your visa, 1 week paid holidays per 6 month placement
  • Airport collection at the start of the placement & drop off at the end of your au pair time
  • All meals (full board and lodge)
  • $500 AUD bonus upon successful completion of your full agreed stay (for placements 6m)
  • Great weekly allowance,negotiated best pay and conditions - guaranteed job before you leave!
  • A minimum of $180- 210 weekly pocket money for 30h & $210-245 for 35h, depending on experience and duty hours
  • Own private, comfortable bedroom and own bathroom or shared with children
  • Two days free time per week, usually weekends
  • Welcome pack, Au Pair contact lists, monthly meet ups.
  • Regular Au Pair meetings and monthly AU PAIR GET TOGETHERS – we will help you connect with other au pairs, and give you discounted access to a variety of tours!
  • Follow up calls and full-time availability for ADVICE AND ASSISTANCE from our friendly MULTILINGUAL TEAM throughout the stay
  • Au pair completion certificate
  • We follow strict Au pair guidelines and standards to ensure the best experience for you!
  • And last but not least, Oz Au pair Australia does NOT charge au pairs! 

Am I eligible to be an au pair in Australia?

You are eligible to be an Au Pair in Australia if:
  • you are single and without children
  • you have a Conversational level of English 
  • you have 80+ hours childcare experience
  • you have a clean criminal background and good health
  • you are able to obtain 1 reference to support childcare experience.
  • Your Nationality is listed here: Belgium • Canada • Republic of Cyprus • Denmark • Estonia
    Finland • France • Germany • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China • Republic of Ireland • Italy • Japan • Republic of Korea • Malta • Netherlands • Norway • Sweden • Taiwan • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland • USA

Here's an extended step by step guide to how it all works:

  Submit your application
  • We select the families that best match your wish list and that are interested in meeting you
  • Receive & Review Potential Host Family profiles and decide if you are interested
  • We help with Interview and speak with potential Host Family via Skype
  • You confirm if you are happy to accept a family’s offer
  • We put everything in writing between you and your chosen family. When you verbally accept an offer, the Host Family will prepare an invitation letter for you to outline their expectations and the specific details including dates, hours, pocket money, etc.
Once all paperwork is completed you will be given the go-ahead by our team to book your travel.

Au Pair in Australia: requirements and the process
Au Pair in Australia: requirements and the process Read More »
Au Pair in Australia: salary, holidays and more
Au Pair in Australia: salary, holidays and more Read More »
Au Pair contract and insurance in Australia
Au Pair contract and insurance in Australia Read More »
Au Pair in Australia: visa requirements for the participants
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Au Pair Australia: most interesting & fun places to visit
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