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The Au Pair profile is more than just your CV and cover letter. An appealing profile is the key to a successful Au Pair search! Let Host Families and Au Pairs know why you are the best candidate!

Get more tips and hints on how to create the ideal profile in the article below.
Au Pair profile
Your profile plays an important role in finding your match. In this post, we would like to tell you more about the purpose of the profile and its components.  

What does a Host Family or Au Pair profile consist of?

The profile on consists of several blocks:
  • Contact details - e-mail, phone number, address, social networks, etc. This contact information helps us getting in touch with you. Your contact details are displayed to your favorite users by default . For security reasons, will never share your email address. You can always change privacy settings in your profile. You can either hide your contact details or display them to almost all of our users. 

  • Personal details - this block contains information about you, your education, language knowledge, special diet requirements, etc. This is a brief overview of your person.

  • Au Pair/Host Family job profile - here you can describe your perfect match, countries you are interested in, working hours, experience and other details related strictly to your childcare experience abroad. 

  • Additional details - this is one of the most important parts, where you can address your future Au Pair or Host Family by writing a letter about you, your family, hobbies, why you would like to be a part of this program and other important details. 

    If you are an Au Pair, try to write in your future Host Family’s language even though it might be hard. They will probably appreciate the effort and get an idea of your language skills! 

    If you are a Host Family, describe your family, your daily routine, the Au Pair’s future accommodation and working schedule. This way, the Au Pair will get an idea of your expectations. Try to write in a friendly way. Use easy grammar so Au Pairs can understand everything, even if their language skills are not that good yet. 

  • Search criteria - According to your search criteria, will create a list of recommended users and send it to you as soon as any new application meeting your search criteria appears. 

  • Media - to make your application more visual, add some pictures. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousands words. Pictures will create a visual impression of you. 

The Au Pair program concept
What is the Au Pair program? Who is an Au Pair? What is the Host Family? How does the Au Pair program work? Find out right here!

Profile tips

For Au Pairs

There are different kinds of families, but they all have something in common: They are looking for a person who is willing to help taking care of their children. Despite your language skills, we recommend you to sound as responsible and caring as possible. Try to show plenty of interest in the family’s children once the contact goes further. The Au Pair program is an exchange program where you will be part of a unique experience abroad. Though you will receive a certain amount of pocket money, this should not be your main goal in any case. 
Free Registration as Candidate

For Host Families

Make sure the offer is interesting enough. Show the Au Pairs that you would like to get to know their culture and that they will become part of your family. This way the Au Pairs feel you will do your best to make them feel at home. 
Free Registration as Family

Register on today to find an Au Pair or a Host Family. For other questions concerning the Au Pair program, check out our Au Pair WIKI

I submitted a wrong email address. What should I do?
The email address is the only detail in your profile that you can’t change on your own. Send us a message through our contact form with your account ID number and your valid email address. We will help you as soon as we receive your message.
Why can’t I include my contact details in the letters?
There are two main reasons. Firstly, it is for your security. checks all registered users on a daily basis. Fake accounts are usually blocked within minutes, but even a small delay allows scammers to proceed further. If your contact details are visible in your profile, they could fall into the wrong hands. Be careful when you are sharing contact and personal details. The second reason is our payment policy.
How can I deactivate my account?
Of course you can. Make sure you are logged in and click on "My", followed by the section "Settings". Under the heading "My profile is" you will be able to deactivate your account there. You can always reactivate it if you need it in the future.
I can’t access my account. What has happened?
Either there is something wrong with your login details or the account was blocked by our administrators. In the first case, try to reset your password and access the account once again. If our system informs you that the account has been blocked, get in touch with us through our contact form

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