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Au Pair In Belgium: What You Need To Know

by Charity P.Reading time: 2 min.
Au Pair In Belgium: What You Need To Know
Are you looking for an exciting new adventure in Europe? Well, look no more! Become an Au Pair in Belgium. This small country is often overlooked because of its more popular neighboring countries. However, it has a surprisingly rich history and you are going to need more than just a weekend to explore it in depth. Here are a few things you need to know before you become an Au Pair in Belgium—from a local’s point of view. 

Expect A Multilingual Country

Did you know that Belgium has no less than three national languages? There are a few requirements to become an Au Pair in Belgium. You have to be between 17 and 30 years of age, have a visa if you're not an EU citizen and you've guessed it, speak at least one of the official languages. 
I highly suggest you brush up on your linguistic skills before moving to Belgium. In any case, if you aren’t fluent  in one of the languages spoken there, don’t worry. The Au Pair program in Belgium gives you the opportunity to better your linguistic skills by attending a language course. 
In fact, Au Pairs in Belgium have to follow a mandatory language course for at least three months! Unfortunately, the fees for these classes will have to come out of your pocket unless you can sweet talk your host family into chipping in.
On the bright side, you do have plenty of languages to choose from! Indeed, depending on where you are in Belgium, you'll hear locals speak one or two of the national languages: French, Dutch, or German. 
There are a lot of good reasons to learn languages such as French or German but being able to communicate fluently in these idioms are non-negligible skills that will really make your CV stand out in the future! 

Embrace the Cosmopolitan Vibes 

Over thirty percent of Belgium’s population is made up of people with foreign origins. In the last century, nationals from southern Europe and northern Africa flocked to the country to join the dwindling workforce. Similarly, people from former Belgian colonies such as the Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi came to Belgium in search of a better life. 
During the move, they brought their customs to the European nation. This is why today, teenagers in Brussels speak Maroxellois, a mix between Moroccan Darija and French. It is also because the diaspora wants to stay connected to their roots that ethnic shops are so common in Belgium. By finding your community in Belgium you are sure not to feel homesick during your stay. 
This melting pot of cultures has created a unique mix that you will want to experience. 

Discover Belgian Cuisine

When au pairing in Belgium, forget about your diet. You're going to be tempted by the mussels with fries on the side and the scent of freshly made waffles emanating from the corner of the street. Let me assure you, it is perfectly normal. 
Embrace it and dive deep into the grandeur of Belgian cuisine. Have all of the waterzooi and chocolate you can possibly stomach. 
Last but not least, don't forget to indulge in a beer or two during your stay. Beer in Belgium is almost sacred. They have over 1500 different sorts of beers. By becoming an Au Pair in Belgium, you'll have plenty of time to find your favorite brew. 

Take Advantage Of All The Travel Opportunities

Belgium has great potential for fun. They have marvelous medieval castles, incredible festivals, and plenty of outdoor activities just waiting for you to partake in. Being an Au Pair in Belgium will give you the opportunity to explore this beautiful country in depth. In your time off you can go kayaking in the river Ourthe, take a dip in the North sea on a sunny day, or have an exciting city trip to the romantic city of Bruges.

Well, there you have it. You are now ready to embark on an adventure as an Au Pair in Belgium! 

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