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How to become an Au Pair in Belgium: requirements

Au Pair in Belgium requirements
Did you know that Belgium has three official languages? French, Dutch and German are all recognized. This country is definitely an interesting mix of cultures! You will enjoy your stay as an Au Pair in Belgium even more!
If you would like to live among three cultures then you will love the Au Pair experience in this country. 
Keep in mind that future Au Pairs in Belgium should also meet some expectations, like being experienced in childcare, being medically fit, not being married or having children and being willing to integrate to Belgian society. 
We have all the information you need to start a great stay with a Belgian Host Family. Don’t forget: read the important information regarding the visa regulations in Belgium if you are not a citizen of any European Union country.

Au Pair Program in Belgium for EU citizens

The requirements to be an Au Pair in Belgium are different depending on your nationality. Nevertheless, if you are a citizen of the European Union, you will only need to meet the following criteria:
  • Age: 17 - 30  years 
  • Valid passport or identity card
Au Pairs should also have basic language skills in one of the official languages (French, German or Dutch).  
If you meet the above requirements you can register with us and start looking for a Host Family!
Au Pair free registration

Step by step into Belgium!

Become an Au Pair in Belgium in just a few steps:
Find a Host Family in Belgium at
Register for free and create a profile. Use our search tool and recommendations to find possible matches.
Sign the Au Pair contract and get your EHIC ready
Do not forget to sign the Au Pair contract and apply for the European Health Insurance Card in your home country. If possible, consider some additional insurance for your stay. 
Get ready!
Book a flight, buy a train ticket or travel by bus. Do not forget to pack all you need for your stay and make the proper pick up arrangements with your Host Family.
As an EU citizen you will need to register at the local office if your stay is longer than 3 months. Do not forget to bring your identity card or passport with you!

Au Pair in Belgium for non-EU citizens

If you are a national of a country outside the European Union, then you will need to apply for a visa for Belgium to become an Au Pair. The general visa requirements are:
  • Age: 18 - 25 (The Au Pair cannot be 26 at the time of applying for the visa but can travel with this age) 
  • Basic knowledge of at least one of the three national languages: French, German or Dutch
  • High school diploma or document that grants higher education
  • Valid passport
  • Au Pair contract
  • Clean criminal record
  • You can cover your visa and travel expenses
  • Willing to attend language or culture related courses during the Au Pair stay
  • You have not previously benefited from a work permit in Belgium 
Consider that the validity of the Au Pair permit may not exceed 1 year. Remember to contact the Belgian embassy in your country to find out the specific requirements and make an appointment online. 

Note that the visa process might take a couple of weeks.

Au Pair free registration

Au pairing in Belgium - step by step:

To become an Au Pair in Belgium you will need to follow these steps:
Register and look for a Host Family at
Register, complete your profile and start sending messages to your potential Host Families. Do not forget to check out our guidebook and Au Pair Wiki!
Make sure that your passport is valid for your planned stay in Belgium.
Sign the contract with the Host Family
Make your stay legal with the Au Pair contract. Make sure you read it carefully and agree on what it establishes. Do not sign any contract before chatting on video call with the family.
Get your criminal record translated and legalized and make sure that you have the Employment Authorization Type B for Au Pairs (the permit must be requested and sent to you by the Host Family in Belgium).
To grant you a visa, the authorities will sometimes need to verify you have a valid health insurance that covers the complete stay in Belgium.
Submit your visa application
To be an Au Pair you require a visa for Belgium. You will need to make an appointment at the Belgian Embassy website for your country and present the required documentation. 
Organize your trip
Book your transportation and don’t forget to pack what you need to take with you. Keep the important documents with you at all time. It is possible that the officers at passport control request them at your arrival.
You will need to register at the municipality within the first 8 days of your arrival in Belgium. Do not forget to bring your visa and passport with you!

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