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Abbey’s how to: choose a location and Host Family in Italy

by AbbeyReading time: 3 min.
Au Pair Abbey’s how to: choose a location & host family in Italy
Hey guys, welcome back to another guest post. 
Last week I shared with you my story of how I became an Au Pair in the beautiful Italian city of Milan. If you missed that post, you can check it out here
Italy has one of the biggest Au Pair communities in the world, there are families seeking Au Pairs right across the country, but with so many options how do you know what’s right for you? Choosing the location and a family here in Italy is what I’ll be covering in this post. Italy is certainly one of the most beautiful countries you could choose to au pair in but, it can be a bit of a maze trying to figure out what is exactly right for you.  


Italy has a lot to offer in terms of landscape. From the seaside to the mountains and the farming regions in between. But choosing your location is one of the most import decisions you will make before becoming an Au Pair. The location will change your entire Au Pair experience
The biggest cities are Rome and Milan, this is where majority of the Au Pairs in Italy are living. The benefits of living in a big Italian city are: making friends is almost guaranteed with the large Au Pair communities here, the convenience of major International airports, different city events that happen every week and the bustling nightlife. If you want your Au Pair experience to be high energy and busy, then Rome or Milan will definitely suit your expectations. 
Seaside regions are amazing for a more laid-back beach experience. Liguria, Marche and Napoli are very popular regions and there are plenty of families looking for Au Pairs in these areas. The seaside is a big draw card, so if you can imagine your life a little slower paced these could be one of the regions for you. In the warmer months the regions really come alive, seafood is abundant and relaxing on the beach could be apart of your daily routine. 
The inland regions are home to some of the most famous, yet less populated cities of Florence and Bologna. Both cities are beautiful and will give you a very traditional Italian experience. The food and wine that these inland regions produce make them so popular. I asked my friend Becky about her experience living in a small Tuscan village, she said, “I just loved living in a little Italian town, I felt like I got the best of both worlds, I could explore all the amazing cities in Italy and then come back to the small place I lived in, it was just as stunning”. Although the life is slower paced here, if you want a relaxed vibe then inland Italy is going to be just right for you. 
Another popular region is Veneto. Verona and Venice are the two most famous cities in this region and for good reason. Verona is definitely more laid back while Venice is a hot spot for tourists. The food is amazing, the history is rich and with this you can expect a very traditional Italian experience. 
Of course, there are many other towns and regions here in Italy where Host Families are seeking Au Pairs. I have just covered some of the most common places to au pair. The most important thing is to choose a place that will be perfect for you. The next most import thing is choosing a Host Family. 

Host Families

There is a huge variety of families looking for Au Pairs in Italy. Choosing the family is just about the feeling you get during the interviews as well as finding the right family dynamic that suits you. For example, if you love younger kids then a family with smaller children is going to be just right for you and if you prefer goofing around with older kids then choose a family with more grown up children. It really is a simple as that. 
You will be living and working with the family on a daily basis so it’s really important to choose a family that fits the expectations of your experience here in Italy. I work for a single mum with two children here in Milan, I have become like a member of their family as well as extended family. I have enjoyed my experience so much. My host mum and I are actually good friends now and that’s because I fit into the family dynamic and both our expectations are being met. 
You can read tips for the first interview with the family here
So guys, to make the most out of your experience here in Italy, you absolutely have to choose the location wisely as well as the family. You should be completely satisfied with the decision to move to a new country and have new, exciting experiences. 
If you don’t like sand, don’t choose a family who lives at the beach, it’s really that simple. 
Have an awesome week everybody! I hope you will join me next Wednesday. 
- Abbey!

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