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Best places for an Au Pair stay in Europe

by LorenzoReading time: 3 min.
Best places for an Au Pair stay in Europe
This is a complete ranking of the best destinations in Europe for Au Pairs that you may have never thought of exploring!

Get a lot of useful information about European regions, countries, and cities for Au Pairs in this quick overview. The countries for each European region are ranked in order of:

  • Most popular
  • Best conditions
  • Greatest availability
  • Most vibrant cities

Read more to discover new places to go for your next Au Pair experience and get inspired by many of Europe's most exciting countries.

Mediterranean & Southern Europe

Some of the major Au Pair destinations in Europe are certainly in the Mediterranean, the cradle of civilization. Those countries have very different traditions, but are united by sun, sea, and fun, not to mention culture, history, good cuisine.

Home to the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites of any region in Europe, the Mediterranean is also home to beauty, both natural and scenic. Here, Au Pairs can enjoy world-famous food and wine of exceptional production quality and experience a great family warmth. The people are also very friendly and welcoming.

Become an Au Pair in Mediterranean
Mediterranean & Southern Europe

1.    Spain

Au Pair cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Palma, Sevilla

2.    Italy

Au Pair cities: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Turin

3.    Greece

Au Pair cities: Athens, Crete, Corfu

4.    Portugal

Au Pair cities: Lisbon, Porto

5.    Malta

Au Pair cities: Valletta

Alps & Mountainous Europe

Do you like lakes and mountains or just want to cool down in the hot summer? Then the Alps are the right place for you to be an Au Pair in Europe. Indeed, many Au Pairs love to live in a peaceful place, especially after being in contact with noisy children ;)

Mountainous Europe offers good living standards, family-friendly places and many outdoor activities. It is the right place in Europe for Au Pairs who want to practice sports or relax in the luxuriant nature.

Become an Au Pair in Alpine Europe
Alps & Mountainous Europe
The culture is very reserved, but there are active expat communities and cuisines from all over Europe.

P.S. The Au Pair program in Austria is part-time; just 18 work hours per week!

1.    Switzerland

Au Pair cities: Bern, Zurich, Geneva

2.    Austria

Au Pair cities: Vienna, Salzburg

Native English-speaking Europe

English, English and English again. That’s what we continuously hear everywhere. Becoming an Au Pair allows you to strongly improve your language skills. Have you ever thought of becoming fluent in English?

In the UK, you can find many cultural and busy cities, while in Ireland there are a lot of towns with characteristic colors and green fields with little villas.

Become an Au Pair in English-speaking Europe
Native English-speaking Europe
Tip: Renting a house to live in English-speaking Europe is not affordable for most young people. The best way is to live in a family as an Au Pair!

1.    United Kingdom

Au Pair cities: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Glasgow, Edinburgh

2.    Ireland

Au Pair cities: Dublin, Galway, Cork

Rising Eastern Europe

The countries of Eastern Europe are increasingly popular destinations. Are you a person out of the ordinary? Live in the most characteristic and fascinating cities in Europe as an Au Pair. Visit the most beautiful mosques and orthodox churches and get to know the history of old reigns and empires.

Curios? Eastern countries are also regarded as the best places in Europe for cheap luxury living.
If you want to spend your leisure with an excellent value for money, these countries are right for you!

Become an Au Pair in Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe

1.    Poland

Au Pair cities: Krakow, Warsaw

2.    Russia

Au Pair cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg

3.    Czech Republic

Au Pair cities: Prague, Brno

Scandinavia & Northern Europe

Just snow, ice, and cold? No way! Fjords, northern lights, forests like in the Hunger Games, and some of the most attractive landscapes in Europe. Explore the last places in Europe with pristine nature as an Au Pair. Live in a region with the highest human development index and the greatest gender equality.

Tip: Northern Europe is very expensive to visit as a tourist. This is your opportunity to live there at no cost!

Become an Au Pair in Scandinavia
Scandinavia & Northern Europe
1.    Sweden

Au Pair cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg

2.    Denmark

Au Pair cities: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense

3.    Norway

Au Pair cities: Oslo, Bergen

4.    Finland

Au Pair cities: Helsinki, Rovaniemi

5.    Iceland

Au Pair cities: Reykjavík

Western Europe

No words needed for the most famous destinations in Europe as an Au Pair. Each country in the heart of Europe is unique and offers an immersive experience. Western Europe is a modern region and is home to many World Heritage Sites.

High quality of living, multiculturalism, and open-mindedness are perfect reasons to be an Au Pair in the most urbanized European region.

Become an Au Pair in Western Europe
Western Europe
1.    Germany

Au Pair cities: Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg

2.    France

Au Pair cities: Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse

3.    Netherlands

Au Pair cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague

4.    Belgium

Au Pair cities: Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp

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Some Thoughts...
Dec, 26, 2020 - 05:12 am
These places i wanted to go and find a jod for good. hopefully someday i can find a job here. I love Europe country ?
Jun, 11, 2021 - 08:06 pm
Its my prayer that one day will get a chance and a family to host me and work in Europe,
Aug, 20, 2022 - 07:08 pm
My prayers are to find a host family that I can live with
Sep, 11, 2022 - 09:09 am
My prayer is to find a family one day, I have tried and tried with no results but I won't give up I know a family will one day find interest in my profile and until that day comes, I will keep sending those messages.
Nastassia, | Oct, 14, 2022 - 12:10 pm
Thank you for your message, Claire! We hope you will find your perfect Host Family soon!
Nov, 04, 2022 - 07:11 am
I pray every day and night so that one day l will find host family ,which l can work with in God s miracle s l will never give u on two years waiting
Nastassia, | Nov, 14, 2022 - 12:11 pm
Hi Josephine! Thank you for your comment. We wish you best of luck in the search of your potential Host Family!
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