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Host Family and Au Pair of the year: Meet the winners

by Julia
Host Family and Au Pair of the year: Meet the winners
2020 was a challenging year for everybody - next to the regular workload came a global pandemic which made life even more complicated. We know that many of our Au Pair candidates have been afraid of not being able to start the Au Pair year as planned, faced struggles with the embassy and made a huge effort to become an Au Pair.
On the other side, we talked to many Host Families around the world who were afraid of losing their jobs, couldn’t handle home office and childcare at the same time and needed an Au Pair now more than ever. 
At the end of the year, we want to salute all Au Pairs who have helped Host Families around the globe to manage their everyday lives. And we want to thank those thousands of Host Families who have hosted an Au Pair, still believing in cultural exchange, even under tough circumstances.

Host Family and Au Pair of the year

This is why today we celebrate the Au Pair and the Host Family of the year! 
Some Au Pairs and Host Families just deserve the title Host Family or Au Pair of the year! They have been a life saver for each other and changed each other’s lives for the better. We have selected the best stories and are now happy to honour each winner's story.
Today, we are proud to release our happy winners! Read their story and get inspired for your own experience. 
1. When a Family finds a perfect match: Host Family of Stuart and caregiver Ana Maria

“Ana Maria has now been with us for 11 months and to say she is a great help does not tell the true story. I am my wife’s carer, Ana Maria is here to help me take care of her and make it possible for my wife and I to continue to live and laugh together. Had I not found in 2019 I have no doubt I would have had to consider a care home for my wife and with the subsequent misery care homes have faced with the Corona Virus, who knows what the result may have been!”

2. A story of a doctor who found an Au Pair during pandemic: Host Family of Nikki and Au Pair Micaela

“Micaela and I met via in May, in the heart of the first wave of Covid in London. I was hoping to find someone I could meet face to face when travel was very restricted, and was banking on finding someone already in London. Little did I know, fate was on my side!”

3. Helping hands for a little baby: Host Family of Anna & Mayo and Au Pair Regiane

“Anna's family is fantastic. I was very well received and guided. I appreciate the opportunity to have lived this fantastic experience. This family deserves 5 stars.”

4. Fun during quarantine: Host Family of Daniel and Au Pair Elmaz

“I believe that my Host Family deserves the title of the "Family of the Year". I was very pleased to be with the children during quarantine. We had as much fun as we could. From the first minutes I met everyone they treated me with great respect and attention.”

5. When a Host Family is a sign: Host Family of Margarita and Au Pair Anastasia

“Our first meeting was very warm; it was as if I had met a friend I hadn't seen in so long. When I first walked into the house, their eldest daughter Veronica was waiting for me at the doorstep, and soon the head of the family appeared. Vitaly came inside with their youngest daughter Katya, and she immediately started calling me "sister". After that, I understood that I did everything right, and that this whole long journey was not in vain.”
We would like to thank every participant for sending us your valuable experience reports. We, as are proud to have so many great candidates and families on our website who make the world better everyday! 

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