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Problems with the visa application

by JuliaReading time: 2 min.
Problems with the visa application: what to do?
We often get asked by our Au Pairs and Host Families which countries we can recommend for an easy visa application. The fact that EU Au Pairs do not need a visa to enter any other EU country is well known by now but there is still confusion about how to apply for a visa for an EU country. If you visit the website of the embassies in Non-EU countries you will find the requirements to obtain a visa and the necessary documents. But even though there is no official information about it on their websites, we often get feedback from our customers that it is very difficult to receive or even to apply for a visa in some countries. 
We would like to emphasize that we do not have any official statement from the embassies in these countries, but want to share that there might be problems though. In most cases our customers complain about the embassies in Cameroon, Nepal, Ghana, the Philippines, Morocco and other African countries. Of course we cannot predict whether or not a visa application will be successful. Even if many customers send us negative feedback about an embassy in particular, this does not mean that there is no chance at all. Still we would like to inform you about this topic since it can be very frustrating when you fill in all the needed documents and the application still gets rejected. 
So what to do when you want to host an Au Pair who will need a visa? Our recommendations are the following: get in touch with the embassy as soon as possible. Try to send them a message or call them directly to find out if they are available. Ask the staff how the chances are that your Au Pair will be able to receive a visa. We got feedback from families who even tried to get in touch with the ambassador directly and no one picked up the phone in weeks. We do not want to take away your hopes - but please stay realistic and find out if the embassy’s staff will help you.
Our second tip is to inform yourself about the current political situation in the country. When you know that there are political upheavals, this can affect the visa situation as well. For example one of our British customers told us that the British embassy in Venezuela is closed at the moment but there is no statement about that on the website. Even though we cannot confirm if this information is correct, it shows that the political situation can have an impact on your Au Pair’s visa application. 
Please understand that we do not cooperate with the embassies since we are not a full service agency. Of course we still want to provide you with as much information as possible. In case you have specific questions about the visa situation in a certain country, please get in touch with the embassy directly. You do not know which embassy is responsible for you? Do not worry: it is the embassy of the host’s country in the home country of the Au Pair. So if you would like to host an Au Pair from Colombia in Germany, you need to get in touch with the German embassy in Bogotá. We wish you all the best for your visa application! 
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