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Au Pair in Sweden - everything about the program

Did you know, that Sweden is the first country in the world that has its own telephone number? You can call it whenever you want and talk to a random Swede. It’s the perfect way to get to know Sweden from the very inside! Could there be any better way?
Of course! You can also visit Sweden as an Au Pair and meet all the local people in person. Who knows, maybe someday you answer the call from someone enchanted by the Swedish culture, tolerance and cosmopolitanism?

Au Pair program in Sweden - quick check

If you would like to become an Au Pair in Sweden, check first if you:
  • are at least 18 years old, but not older than 30 years
  • don’t have children and are not married
  • have some interest for the Swedish country, culture and language
If you agree with all of the above, welcome abroad! Register with us and find your Swedish Host Family here. 

Au Pair free registration

If Au Pairs and Host Families want to be part of a cultural exchange this program is the perfect opportunity. Find out about the participation requirements the applicants need to fulfil and many more information! Find more information about the program in Sweden at AuPair.com - just keep reading: 

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Au Pair duties

What are the duties of an Au Pair in Sweden? All the main info you need available on AuPair.com!

More about Au Pair duties

Contract and insurance

Find out what the official Au Pair contract includes, read about the termination policies, the insurance system in Sweden and other formalities for a safe stay.

More about Contract and insurance

Au Pair Sweden - Requirements

How to become an Au Pair in Sweden? Find out the participation criteria, formalities and a step by step application process for the EU and non-EU participants

More about Au Pair Sweden - Requirements