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Your profile picture is the most important part of your profile. No matter if you are looking for a Host Family or for an Au Pair, the right picture will help you in your search and considerably speed up the whole process.
How to choose the right picture? It’s quite simple - upload a picture which:
  • is friendly and creates a welcoming impression
  • describes you and your style of living
  • is of good quality
There are also a few don’ts - avoid:
  • sexy or sensual pictures
  • party photos and duck faces
  • pictures that don’t belong to you
Au Pair Profile pictures
Your photo is one of the most important components of your profile at It creates a broader impression about you as a person. Moreover, the picture plays an important role in your visibility on the platform. Our new search filter allows Au Pairs and Host Families to select profiles only with pictures. Although it's not a requirement, your profile is much more likely to be chosen this way!

In this post, you will find some useful tips that will help you to select and upload better pictures for your profile.

How to choose a suitable picture


The type and content of the picture matter a lot when it comes to creating an impression.
For Host Families:  Add pictures of the place where you live, your family and your children to create a welcoming impression. If you don’t want to upload pictures of your children to the internet, add at least a picture with the parents and the surroundings. You can also add a picture of the future Au Pair room and some pictures of your family's hobbies. This will help the Au Pair to better understand what his/her life will be like during the Au Pair experience abroad. - register with us! is a multilingual matching agency for Au Pairs and Host Families from all over the world. Create an account and join our community! How? Learn more

For Au Pairs: It will be a good idea to add pictures with kids – small siblings, cousins or even of your experience in a camp. Try to avoid pictures from parties, selfies and any photos that look sexy. Remember that Host Families are looking for a trustworthy and reliable person who can take care of their kids.
While uploading the pictures, consider the right of publicity. If you would like to upload a picture of you playing with the neighbours’ kids, ask first the parents’ permission. 

Important Don’ts

  • Don’t upload pictures from google or social media that don’t belong to you. This is both illegal and might create a suspicious impression. The main goal of the picture is to share a part of your personality.
  • Don’t insert your contact data or social media handles in your picture. 


One of the main factors that influence picture quality is light. Natural light works always the best. If you are taking pictures inside the house, try to stand in a place where the light directly falls on your face. Another important factor that influences the quality of the picture is its resolution. You can manually choose it in your phone or camera settings. Ensure that your resolution is good enough to take a clear picture.  


Sometimes background can spoil even the nicest click of yours. Take care of people behind you, if there are any, and of the general background, so it’s not messy or suspicious.
Read also useful tips on how to take better pictures with your smartphone.

Editing tips

Au Pair Profile pictures
If you are taking pictures with your smartphone, the phone itself will offer you many options for editing colors and visual effects. If you have some pictures stocking in your laptop which require editing, here are some simple programs to use for photo editing. From online versions try Fotor, Pixlr or BeFunky. They are all free and relatively simple to use. You can add brightness, contrast and some effects to your pictures in these programs. If you like photography and would like to learn some advanced editor, look for the Lightroom. They have an app as well.
Another important setting is the size of the picture. Ensure that your photo matches the web standards: not higher than 1200 px, and not bigger than 1.5 MB in size. You can resize your picture online using Tiny PNG site.  

Uploading pictures

Once you are ready with the pictures, upload them to your profile on Don’t forget to add a small description - what the picture is about or who is in it. If you would like to change the main photo, assign the number for your picture. The smallest will be the profile picture. For example:
  • 0 – profile picture
  • 1 – second picture
  • 2 – third picture
We suggest both Au Pair and Host Family to upload at least 2-3 pictures to the profile. You can also improve your profile by writing a nice letter to the Host Family and creating a video.

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Can I edit my Au Pair profile?
Yes. You can always edit the categories below of your profile from the main page: 
  • Contact details
  • Personal details
  • Job requirements
  • Letters and further details
  • Manage your pictures
To change your e-mail address, send us a message.

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