How can I become an Au Pair in China?

Did you know, that China is often considered the longest continuous civilization that left an impact on the global development in many areas of activity? The Chinese invented the paper, printing, compass and gunpowder to name a few.  
If you are interested to explore the fascinating Chinese culture, we have gathered here all the important information to turn your goal to reality!

Au Pair in China requirements

We expect all the participants to be healthy, unmarried, without own children and with some child care experience as you will be working with kids. In addition to these, to participate in the Au Pair program in China, you need to meet certain requirements. We have gathered the main profile of the Au Pair participant below: 
  1. Age: 18 - 29 years 
  2. Education: school diploma
  3. Language skills: good command of English 
  4. Law: clear criminal record.
If you meet the requirements mentioned above, don’t hesitate and ...

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Step by step guide to au pairing in China!

Below you can find five simple steps to your experience in China: 
Find a Host Family at
To facilitate the process, read our Au Pair Guidebook. If you are already a member on, then you can create an attractive profile and start contacting potential Host Families! 
Check your passport validity
Your passport needs to be valid during the visa application as well as during the whole stay in China! 
Sign the Au Pair contract
The contract is a formal document that can help you to avoid many problems during the Au Pair stay. It will be as well required during the visa process. Note down all the important details discussed between you and your Host Family in the contract and ensure that both parties sign it. 
Apply for the visa
You might need the X or F type of visa depending on the length of intended stay in China. collected for you the following information.

Take care of the insurance
After you clarify with the visa, think of your safety abroad. Choose the right insurance for China that will cover the whole stay and discuss it also with your Host Family! 
Prepare for the travel
Most probably you will arrive in China by plane. To ensure a smooth integration into a new country, read more about the documents you might need for the border control. Read also about other things to consider taking with you abroad

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