Au Pair contract and insurance in China

The Au Pair contract is the official document signed between an Au Pair and a Host Family. Another important document is the Au Pair insurance in China. In this post, we would like to cover the main aspects of both.

The Au Pair contract

Although the Au Pair program is not a job, but a cultural exchange program, it still has an agreement that facilitates the relationship between the participant and a Host Family, sets the right expectations and quite often helps to avoid potential problems.
The participant will need this contract during the visa application as well. We recommend to discuss this document between the applicant and a Host Family and specify the most important points there just like: 

Termination of the contract

There might occur a situation when both an Au Pair and a Host Family can’t find a solution to a problem. In this case, both parties might consider the termination of the contract. Take a look at the notice period, which is 2 weeks as a rule. During this time both parties get an opportunity to find a solution or a replacement.


The Au Pair insurance in China

Some chinese families provide their Au Pairs with a health insurance in China, but it only covers the costs of certain chinese hospitals. The participant needs also an accident and liability insurance for a safe stay.

Types of health insurance in China

Different types of insurance cover different situations. In China, there are basically two types: inpatient and outpatient coverage.
Inpatient insurance covers core cases that any basic insurance plan will cover, e.g. poisoning, car accident, viral disease, etc. As a rule it covers partially the treatment or emergency that has occurred. It costs 5500 rmb to 20,000rmb (best coverage) per year.
Outpatient insurance covers up to 85% of costs of the cases that don’t require the patient to be in the hospital for more than 12 hours. The Au Pair can choose the additional options in the plan like maternity coverage, wellness and dental care. They will cost the additional sum of money accordingly.
Some of the big insurance names in China: CIGNA, Aetna, AXA TP, Ping An Health, etc. The Au Pair can get an insurance through an agent or a broker in China depending on the financial situation and case. Several questions to consider before choosing the insurance:
  1. Does the hospital near the Host Family’s home in China (where the Au Pair can come in the case of emergency) accept the type of insurance purchased by the Au Pair? 
  2. Does the insurance cover cases that occur during the working hours or at night as well?
  3. Are the necessary services included in the insurance? As stated above, there are different types of insurances that cover various cases. They don’t come by default in every plan.
  4. Are there waiting periods before getting the service? 
  5. Will the Au Pair need to pay in advance before the insurance company will cover the emergency?
  6. What are the guarantees?
In addition to local insurance companies in China, you can as well consider our partner companies like Dr. Walter or Care Concept that offer insurances for Au Pairs.
We recommend the Au Pairs to discuss this question in details with the future Chinese Host Family. They will know about the different plans and options that will suit to the Au Pair better.  Read more about the insurance in China.

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