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Au Pair in China - Contract and insurance

The Au Pair contract will make both Au Pair and family's expectations official and will make both parts stick to what it is established in it, although it may be a little bit flexible depending on the family and the Au Pair and their relationship.

Please discuss it with your family and sign it before beginning of your Au Pair stay.

Au Pair contract

Although being an Au Pair can't be considered a job, it is always better for you to close a contract with the family in order to agree on respecting each other exceptations. 

Following a list of issues that should be written in the Au Pair contract:

  • Your working hours 
  • Who will be covering the travel costs
  • Your free time
  • Accomodation and board
  • The pocket money you will be getting
  • Holiday
Feel free to download the Au Pair contract provided on Au Pair.com.

Au Pair Insurance

Some chinese families provide their Au Pair with a health insurance in China, but this only covers the cost from certain chinese hospitals. It is still recomended to purchase an international health insurance from your home country to cover the cost of an international hospital of western standard. Don't forget you will need a health insurance, as well as an accident and liability insurance in order to ensure a safe stay.

Regardless where you come from and the country you are leading to, Pro Trip-World offers you an economic and trustworthy insurance. If you prefer to get yourself an insurance that covers you during your whole stay, do not hesitate to fill the online form!