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Au Pair in China - Visa application

The type of visa you will get will depend on the lengh of your stay. 

For a shorter stay you can apply for a F-Visa. This type of visa is only issued to foreigners who are invited to come to China for a cultural exchange, language course, business tour or a visit. The F-Visa only has a validity of up to 6 months.

For a longer stay, you can apply for a X-Visa. This type of visa is issued if you are staying in China longer than 6 months.


This visa will be valid up to 6 months. This document entitles a person to live in China with the following purposes:

  • cultural excange
  • language courses
  • business tour
  • visit


If the Au Pair is willing to stay longer than 6 months in China you will need to apply for this visa. This visa is required for:

  • interships
  • studies
  • long term courses

You can find detailed information at the Chinese embassy located in your home country.

How can I apply for a visa?

First of all, you need to make sure you fulfill all the personal requirements in order to get a visa. You should inform yourself at the Chinese embassy placed in your country. Once you are sure you fulfill all the requirements, you should get to know all the documents you will be probably needing:

  • Valid passport: your passport must be valid when you apply for a visa and it would be convenient for you to check it will be valid during your whole Au Pair stay in China.
  • Invitation letter from your future host family in China: in order to apply for a visa as an Au Pair, you have to find a host family in China in the first place. Your future host family will need to send you an invitation letter in order for you to be start the visa application. 
  • Signed contract: once you have closed a contract with the host family, you will be getting a signed copy from them in order for you to bring it to the Chinese embassy in your country.
  • Apply for a visa: depending on the country you are living in and the length of your future stay, the embassy will make sure you fulfill all the requirements to get a visa for China.