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Become a Host Family in China

Hosting an Au Pair in China will not only help you to get to know another culture, but also learn and improve the knowledge of a foreign language. But how can you find an Au Pair? Let’s look into the requirements for families first to ensure that you can become a part of the program.
become a host family China

Can you become a Host Family?

If you are interested to join the Au Pair program in China as a Host Family, you need to meet the following criteria:
  • You need to have at least one child under the age of 18 living with you.
  • Your family speaks Chinese in your everyday life.
  • You can offer a private room to your Au Pair, at least three meals a day and monthly pocket money.
  • You can afford to cover the Au Pair’s flight expenses partially or completely depending on the length of the stay.
  • Your nationality differs from the one of your candidate.
If you meet the criteria mentioned above and you are willing to find an Au Pair for your family, don’t hesitate and join our community!
Free Registration as Family

How does it work?

Organise your profile 

After the registration, fill in the important information on your profile. Since you belong to a different culture, the participants will be interested in everything. Tell them about your family, hobbies, write an “Introduction letter" to your future Au Pair. Add pictures of your family and city to make your profile look dynamic. You can also use different filters in your search, so you can find the right candidate faster. Please note that too many filters that might not be that important might prohibit a successful search.

Send messages 

You can use our platform to send standard messages and add candidates to your favorites for free. We recommend you to become a Premium Member to unlock advanced features like sending personalized messages and to get a family handbook in an email. This will make your search significantly faster!

Check the regulations 

To ensure a smooth experience, check if your candidate meets the applicant’s criteria. Read about the requirements for participants, program rules, contract & insurance, visa regulations in China and other important information. 

Choose your Au Pair

After shortlisting the right candidates, organize a skype-call to know them better. Choose the most suitable applicant and sign the contract


How to hire an Au Pair?

Make sure that the Au Pair fulfills all the program requirements: applicants need to be in good health, unmarried, without kids and with some childcare experience, as they will be looking after your children. Besides these expectations, there are also some mandatory characteristics of the program specific to China. Only the applicants who match the criteria mentioned below can become an Au Pair in China:
  • between 18 - 29 years old
  • good command of English
  • clear criminal record
  • valid passport

Step by step guide 

Managing the paperwork
You will need to provide all required documents for your candidate so she/he can apply for a visa to China. They include the signed contract. The other documents might slightly vary depending on the participant’s nationality. We recommend to check all the requirements with the local embassy. 
Help your Au Pair with the insurance
The insurance system in China differs from other countries, thus we recommend to help your candidate to choose the right one after the arrival. Participants might also consider taking an insurance from their home country for an initial period.  
Enroll your Au Pair into a Chinese course
The Au Pair program is mainly a cultural exchange. Studying the language and the culture of the country is one of the main requirements of the program. Help your candidate to choose the right university or school.
Enjoy your experience
Once all the program formalities are met, enjoy your intercultural experience. Make your Au Pair feel welcome and try to explain different nuances of the Chinese culture. The applicant will be coming from a totally different reality and will be curious about everything that is happening around!

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