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Au Pair in China - Time off / Working hours / Pocket money

Your time off / holiday, working hours and the pocket money you will be getting will vary from country to country and from family to family. However, AuPair.com provides you all the information about the stantard Au Pair program in China in order for you to get a general idea.

Time off

Make sure you discuss with your family about your holiday; if you are welcome to join your family during their holiday, it is better to previously discuss if you will be working.

Working hours

Although your working hours will depend on the host family you are staying with, Au Pairs in China work between 25 and 35 hours a week; babysitting will definitely count as working hours so make it sure you discuss with your family how many hours you will be working before your stay begins. Don't forget you will need to have time to visit a Chinese lanugage course.

Pocket money

Au Pairs in Germany earn between 700 and 2000 yuan per month  Furthermore, the host family should also pay for an insurance for the Au Pair to be covered in case of accident, illness, pregnancy and childbirth.