How to enter Denmark as an Au Pair - visa, residence and work permit

Au Pairs from countries of EU, EEA and from Switzerland can live, work and study in Denmark due to the EU regulations of freedom of movement. They do not need any visitor’s visa or work/residence permit to become an Au Pair in Denmark
Still, the citizens of EU / EEA and Switzerland need to obtain an EU residence document (registration certificate) from State Administration. Au Pairs from Nordic Countries can live, work and study in Denmark (according to Hallo Norden Scheme). Nordic citizens do not need any visa, work or residence permit. 
Citizens of Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea can become an Au Pair in Denmark also according to working holiday agreements, which sometimes have less strict requirements than the Au Pair program.

Residence permit in Denmark

Citizens of other countries need a residence permit to become an Au Pair in Denmark. According to the Au Pair program in Denmark, the application involves both the Au Pair and the Host Family involvement. How does it look like?

Case Order ID
The Au Pair and the Host Family must create a Case Order ID and pay a case processing fee. The ID must be stated in the application. The fee will not be returned if the application is unsuccessful. 
Biometric features
The Au Pair needs to record the biometric features (facial image and fingerprints) - the data will be stored on a chip of the residence card. This information may vary - find more specific information on the official website
You can submit the application in both online and in a print form. The Au Pair and the Host Family must supply the information in the same way - this means, that if the Host Family starts the application for the Au Pair’s residence permit online, the Au Pair will have to finish it online as well. Therefore the Au Pair and the Host Family should discuss what is convenient for both before starting the application.
  • Online application
The Host Family begins the application process by logging into the form using NemID. Part 1 needs to be filled out by the Host Family and signed using NemID. This way the family obtains a reference number and the password to part 2 - the Au Pair should receive both of them from the Host Family, access the second part and fulfil it. If the Au Pair or the Host Family needs more time to attach the required documents, the application may be saved as a draft, but it has to be submitted no later than 30 days after the beginning. The application can be found on the official website New in Denmark.
  • Print version of the application
Fill out the application offline as well. On the same website you can download the application form and fill it out on-screen or manually, after printing it out. Print the application and sign by hand.

Working Holiday agreement

Denmark has working holiday agreements with Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. The program lets young people from these countries obtain a residence permit and stay in Denmark for a defined period of time (no more than 12 months). 
The applicants can work during this time to save some money to pay for holidays. And this is the keyword, because holidays should be the main purpose of your stay with a working holiday visa.
The requirements for each nationality vary and sometimes happen to be less strict than Au Pair program requirements (for example, in age requirement that can reach 35 in case of this scheme). The applicants have to prove also to have enough savings to pay everything during their first days of the stay.
Country Age requirements Mandatory savings
Argentina 18 - 30 15 000 DKK
Australia 18 - 30 18 000 DKK
Canada 18 - 35 15 000 DKK
Chile 18 - 30 15 000 DKK
Japan 18 - 30 15 000 DKK
New Zealand 18 - 30 24 000 DKK
South Korea 18 - 30 15 000 DKK encourages citizens from these countries to go through the official website and find out if they qualify for the scheme.

What else?

  • The Au Pair can receive a residence permit for 24 months, but the period cannot be longer than the duration stated in the contract.
  • If the permit validity is less than 24 months, the Au Pair can apply for an extension. The application for an extension must be submitted before the current permit expires
  • The Au Pair should make sure that she/he has a valid passport. The permit is valid up to 3 months before the expiration date of the passport. This means, if passport expires in 7 month, the permit will be valid for no longer than 4 months. 
  • The Working Holiday Visa holders can receive a residence permit for no more than 12 months.

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