Au Pair contract and insurance in Denmark

In this post we have gathered the most important information about the Au Pair contract and insurance in Denmark. 
Denmark’s legislation establishes well-defined terms of the cooperation between the Au Pair and the Host Family. Do not hesitate to go through the official website of Danish immigration authorities as well. 

The Au Pair contract

The Au Pair and the Host Family must sign the contract developed by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. It is part of the application form that participant needs to fill in when completing the application. 
All the information stated in the contract must correspond to the official program requirements in Denmark.  If it doesn’t, the participant will not receive a residence permit. The residence permit allows the Au Pair to stay in Denmark up to 24 month, but no longer than the duration of the agreement. The residence permit also expires the moment the youngest child living in the family turns 18.

Both parties need to respect the conditions of the contract, with a few exceptions:
  • The Host Family may pay a higher monthly allowance than the minimum stipulated in the contract.
  • If the Host Family does not have to cover the travel expenses, and it is neither agreed on in the contract, they can still pay for the ticket.
  • The Host Family may grant the Au Pair more than that one room.
  • The daily schedule might change during the stay, but it still has to meet the program requirements.

Termination of the contract

The participant can terminate the contract with 2 weeks notice. The Host Family has to terminate the agreement with at least one month notice. 
If the applicant works as an Au Pair during the notice period, the Host Family needs to respect the requirements of the Au Pair program in Denmark and provide the accommodation, full board and pocket money. 
If the participant does not work during the termination period, the Host Family still has to pay the allowance. 
The parties can terminate the contract with immediate effect in case of some serious violation of the contract or some serious circumstances. You can find the template of the contract termination on New in Denmark website.


The Au Pair insurance

The Host Family in Denmark has to provide the participant with three insurances:
  • Against industrial injuries.
  • Against personal injury outside work.
  • Covering transportation to the Au Pair’s home country in the case of the participant’s death, serious illness or injury.
It’s very important to keep it in mind, otherwise the Host Family might receive a two year penalty period for the abuse of this requirement. 

Health insurance

The Au Pair needs to register as a resident at the Host Family’s address no later than 5 days after the arrival to the family’s house. He/she can register at the local Citizen’s Service Centre, so called Borgerservice. The participant will be issued a CPR number and the health card as a proof that the Danish National Health Insurance will cover him/her. 
Any changes, i.e. change of the address, must be reported to the local Citizen’s Service Centre as well. If the Au Pair leaves the country or the family, the participant has to report to Citizen’s Service Centre in person. The Host Family has to inform the  Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. 

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