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How to become an Au Pair in the USA: requirements

Au Pair USA requirements
Are you interested in the different cultures of the US? Because they differ from southern states to northern states, from west coast to east coast. There is a huge variety of people in the states!  It’s worth spending a year there and get to know at least some of them. 
The rules to become an Au Pair in the USA are the same for everyone. You can only go there with a legal agency that is approved by the US government. Since we have a partner agency in the USA, we are able to help Au Pairs to get to the United States. 
If you register with us and you are 100% sure that you want to become an Au Pair in the USA, we will help you with the application and everything that needs to be done to send you to America as an Au Pair. The only way for you to get the J-1 Visa is to work with an agency, so with us you are in the right hands!

Au Pair requirements in the USA

To take part in the Au Pair program in the USA you have to meet the following requirements:  
  1. Age: 18 - 26 years 
  2. Language skills: quite good command of English 
  3. Marital status: not married
  4. Family status: no own children
  5. Be in good health, don’t smoke, don’t have severe chronic illnesses
  6. Willing to stay with a family for 1 year
  7. Child care experience of at least 200 hours in the past 2 years
  8. Driver’s license and driving experience
  9. Clear criminal record
  10. You have never been under psychological treatment in the past
These points sound so much like you? Then don’t wait!

Au Pair free registration

Step by step into the USA!

It is very easy to become an Au Pair. Just follow these steps: 

Register with us and we will get in touch to plan your trip!
You can register on our website and create a profile. Don’t forget: you can not go to the USA as an Au Pair without a J1 visa, which you will only get with a registered local agency. For that reason, we are working together with a local agency that places Au Pairs with Host Families. So we can be your way to the USA. 
Fill out the application
You will fill out the application and our team that is responsible for the Au Pairs in America will contact you, so we can finish your application together. We will have an interview with you and will request some references  to prove your experience in child care. Then you have to wait for families of the agency to contact you. You can also search for a Host Family at and talk to them about us. The Host Family can then register with an agency in order for you to be legally placed with them.
We will find families in the USA for you
Once there are some families that are interested in you we will offer them to you and you can get in touch with them. 
The contract and the visa for the USA
Once you have found the perfect family you can sign the contract. Make sure that you have all the documents you need to apply for a visa for USA at the US embassy! You won’t have to take care of an additional insurance, since the Host Family will pay for it and everything will be organized by us and our partner. 
Apply for the J-1 Visa
You need to get an appointment at the US embassy to apply for your J-1 visa. Think of all the important documents that you need and leave your house just in time. Think of traffic and possible difficulties getting to the embassy. You can not be late to the appointment. 
Prepare for the travel - that's almost all!
Pack your bags. Buy some little gifts maybe and celebrate with your friends and family at home for one last time. You won’t see them for one year! The flight is organized and paid for by our American partner.
The Au Pair School Training 
Once you arrive in America you will be part of a training for Au Pairs. You will learn some First Aid and get to know some situations that might occur during your Au Pair experience. 
Arrival at the Host Family’s place 
After the orientation days you will go and meet your Host Family. Depending on where the family lives, a bus or flight will take you there or your Host Family will just pick you up. 
Support during the program
You will have full support during your stay with your family. If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact us anytime. 


Au Pair USA cost - Services and fees

Of course we won’t leave you alone. With us you will always find assistance and help before, during and after the stay. Find out what our services include:


  • Personal Interview and Support
  • Placement with a Host Family
  • Infopackage “Au Pair in the USA”
  • Support with applying for the J-1 visa
  • Assumption of SEVIS fee of $35
  • Emergency-Hotline

In the USA

  • Flight to the USA (home country - San Francisco - Host Family)
  • Flight back home
  • Orientation days and workshop in San Francisco
  • Accommodation and lodging at the Host Family’s place
  • Support and assistance during your stay through a local coordinator
  • $ 500 for a language or culture course at the local college
  • Health insurance for the whole stay
  • Monthly Au Pair meetings
  • Access to the Au Pair community
  • Possibility to stay a 13th month for traveling (if you have completed the 12 month of being an Au Pair)
  • Emergency-Hotline

In your Host Family

  • Weekly pocket money of $195,75
  • Use of a car
  • At least 1,5 days off per week
  • 2 weeks of paid vacation

After your stay

  • Certificate of attendance

Program Fee

After you have been placed with a family you will have to pay a program fee, which is 550 € (incl. agency fee). This fee includes some of the services that you could find above. 

Other expenses:

There will be other expenses that you will have to take care of. We have listed everything you need to think of: 
  • Transportation to your personal interview
  • Medical report (they differ from doctor to doctor)
  • Request of a Criminal Record and an International Driver’s license
  • Passport, if you don’t have one yet
  • Visa fee (160 €) and transportation to the appointment at the US embassy
  • Transportation to the airport you’re leaving from
  • Luggage costs, if you’ve packed too much
  • Additional costs for a course if it costs more than $ 500
  • Personal expenses during the orientation days and during your whole stay
  • Maybe gas for the private use of the family car
  • Taxes in the USA
  • Flight back if you don’t complete the stay of 1 year
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