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Au Pair in the USA - Requirements

If you would like to become an Au Pair in the USA, you will definitely need:

  • a visa
  • an Au Pair local agency

How can I get a visa?

If you fulfill the following requirements, you should be entitled to getting a visa to become an Au Pair in the USA. 

1. Personal requirements

  • You are not younger than 18 and not older than 26
  • You have a good command in English
  • You don't have your own children
  • You are healthy and don't smoke
  • You can pay for a local agency
  • You are willing to stay at least 12 months in the USA
  • You like hanging out with children

2. Formal requirements

If you fulfill the previous requirements, please read the following information!

  • You have a valir passport: your passport must be valid when starting your application and you should make sure it will hold valid for as long as you stay in the USA.
  • You have an invitation letter from your future host family in the USA: your future host family will need to send you an invitation letter in order for you to prove you will be working as an Au Pair in the USA.
  • You have a signed Au Pair contract: together with the invitation letter, the family should send you a signed contract in order for you to apply for a visa. 
  • Apply for a visa: the American embassy in your country will decide if you fulfill all the requirements to get a visa for the host country.

AuPair.com + local agency - Become an Au Pair in 5 steps!

In order to become an Au Pair in the USA you will definitely need to go through a local Au Pair agency in your country with an American partner agency in order for you to be placed in an American family. The local agency will do all the paperwork for you so you may only need to bring the documents in order for your visa to be issued.

However, it is possible to search a host family on your own on AuPair.com and make your decision more personally! How? Very easy!

  1. Register on AuPair.com and find your ideal host family in the USA
  2. Ask your family to register with an American Au Pair agency
  3. Ask your family to let you know what is the partner agency in your country in order for you to register there so both agencies can work together.
  4. Let the agency help you with the paperwork. They will also answer any questions you may have related to any Au Pair issue. 
  5. Enjoy your Au Pair experience!