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Present for the Host Family

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Gifts for your Host Family are not a mandatory point on your pending tasks list, but it’s good to think of some small unique “thank you” gifts before you set off on a journey to your host country. It’s the best way to break the ice during your first meeting.
Presents for the Host Family may be hard to choose, but gathered for you a few gift ideas for the Host Family:

Remember that the gifts shouldn’t be heavy or big - you need to pack the presents in your suitcase to deliver them to the Host Family.
host family gift ideas
There are a lot of things to keep in mind while packing the luggage for a year abroad. One of them is a present for the Host Family. Although it is not mandatory, most of the Au Pairs decide to bring a little something for their hosts.

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We know it is not easy to come up with an idea for a present. Something associated with your home country is always well received. Nevertheless, here are some things you should consider when choosing the perfect gift:
  • Make sure it is not too big or too heavy so it can fit in your luggage.
  • Do not buy something you can get in your host country.
  • Buy something resistant. The present is going to travel thousands of kilometers and it could break at any second.
  • Buy something with a personal touch rather than something luxurious
  • Check the legal regulations in the host country to ensure you can pass the border control without any issues. 
  • Choose presents that represent your country. That way you can introduce your family to your culture.

Presents for the host parents

The host parents might not expect a gift from the Au Pair but they will be very glad to get one. It is a challenge to find something that would fit their personality. In any case, there are lots of great options that do not require a lot of effort.   Here are some ideas: 
  • A book with pictures from your home country
  • Cookbook with recipes from your home country (if possible in the host country’s language).
  • Small crafts from your homeland
  • Calendar with your photos and your home country
  • Candy from your home country (for example pralines, chocolate)
  • Spices kit from your home country
  • If they like sports, a souvenir from your local team (a scarf, a booklet or a cap)

Presents for the host kids

  • Board games
  • Books with stories and fairy tales from your home country, if available in the language of your host country. 
  • CD with children's songs from your home country
  • Candy from your home country
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring book with pencils or paint
  • Traditional Toys from your homeland (for example a traditional doll)
  • Cap or bag with the name of your host kid printed on it
For other questions, check our FAQ and Au Pair WIKI
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How can I contact a Host Family?
You need to visit the Host Family’s profile and drop a message there. If the family is a Premium Member, they will be able to read your message and answer it in no time. You can also add a Host Family to your hotlist. The families will immediately get notified that you are interested! Please find more information here
Can you help me with the paperwork and the placement process?
Unfortunately, we can’t help you with it. We are an online matching agency, thus we can’t interfere in your searching or placing process. We are happy to provide you with all our searching and matching tools and the information about the Au Pair experience. As our platform is available worldwide, we are unable to take care of all the applications we get daily. Feel free to use our service to visit your dream destination and find a great Host Family. We will be also glad to get your feedback! If you have any ideas or comments, get in touch with us
How long does it take to find a Host Family?
It depends on several factors. Create your profile and make it attractive for other users. Check that you meet the Au Pair requirements set by the Au Pair program. Be active and contact 20-30 Host Families per day. While contacting the Host Families, make also sure that you fulfil the family’s expectations. Be active, open minded and try to convince families that the time spent with you will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their kids! Generally speaking, it takes from one week up to a few months to find a Host Family
Can I become an Au Pair?
The Au Pair program accepts participants who meet mainly education, family and age requirements. Please take a look at the full list of Au Pair requirements.  If you meet them, register as an Au Pair today and find a Host Family that matches your criteria.  

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