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My Au Pair experience in London

by LeonieReading time: 2 min.
My experience as an Au Pair in London
London is a great city, offering opportunities for everyone! You should definitely consider this amazing city in your bucket list. London is a unique experience for every Au Pair dreaming of the big city life. Today, I will give you insights in my time abroad as Au Pair in London.

The City

My Au Pair experience was one of the best times of my life so far. I was lucky enough to spend my year abroad with a lovely Host Family. They live in the south of London in a really nice area. The southern part of the city is characterised by cultural diversity. I really enjoyed being able to experience a place of multiculturalism. London is generally diverse and this makes it so exceptional and interesting.

My daily routine

I took care of three amazing kids. My Au Pair duties were based on my Host Children. I made breakfast for them in the morning and made sure they put on their school uniform. In case you didn’t know yet: in the UK, a school requirement is to wear a uniform. We walked to school together and I picked them up as well. After school I helped them with their homework and cooked dinner. I usually ate with my Host Kids. Depending on how late it was, they were allowed to watch TV or we played outside for a bit. Then it was time to have a bath and get ready for bed. I really enjoyed reading bedtime stories to them, because it made our bond even stronger. A few times a week, I took them to sports classes.

Especially the school holidays gave us enough time to make unforgettable memories. They enjoyed being creative and artsy. We also spent a lot of time outside. Sometimes, my Host Kids had friends over or went on playdates. One of my favourite adventures was taking them to the London Zoo. I remember a day spent with loads of laughter and happiness.

Meeting People

Finding new friends in London was rather easy. There were loads of Au Pairs in my area. I met people from all around the world, which was a great way of exchanging and getting to know new cultures. On the weekends we explored the city together. We went out for food and had great night outs. London can be an overwhelming place at first so I recommend you to try out as much as possible and find the right area for you. Particularly the centre of the city is quite touristy, so go and explore different parts of the metropole.

Christmas in London

A lot of my Au Pair friends went home over Christmas, but I decided to stay. This was the best decision, as I learned even more about the country’s culture and my Host Families traditions. It also gave me the opportunity to get closer to my Host Family and just being a new member of the family. My Au Pair stay made it possible for me to have a second home and family in the UK and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Therefore, it was a horrible feeling to leave my Host Family. But I also had a plan for my life after the Au Pair stay. This made it slightly easier to say goodbye. I definitely advise you to make plans for your future to make it easier leaving your Host Country.

Up until today, I am in contact with my Host Family and try to visit them every year. Of course, my life moved on and theirs as well, so the communication is not as frequent anymore. This is very natural though and, most importantly, I think of them and miss them a lot and I know that I always have a welcoming home and second family in the UK.
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