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My schedule as an Au Pair in New York

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My schedule as an Au Pair in New York
Today I realized I never actually talked about what a typical day looked like for me as an Au Pair in New York. So I decided to change that. In this blog post, I’ll tell you everything I did during my Au Pair stay in the US.

6.00 Starting my day

I would usually get up around 6 every day. This way I had enough time to shower, brush my teeth and get dressed before I had to wake the kids. On days when I felt really tired I delayed my shower to the evening and slept an additional 15 minutes instead. 

6.30 Waking the kids

Half an hour later, I would try to wake the kids. I say try, because once I had woken up one of them, the other ones might have fallen back to sleep. When I finally got them to wake up, it was time to brush their teeth, their hair and get them dressed. While they made their beds, I would start making breakfast. They usually had cereal, but sometimes they preferred waffles or eggs, so I prepared whatever type of dish they were in the mood for.

7.30 School

The school bus would arrive at our house around 7.30. This was usually the most stressful part of the day for me, since I worried everyday Elliott would miss the bus, because it took hours for him to put on his shoes. Luckily (and to my surprise), he always managed to run out of the house just in time. At the beginning of my Au Pair year, the twins were too young to take the bus, so we’d wait for Elliott to get on the bus and then hopped in the car around 8 to drive to school ourselves. The car ride to school took about 15 minutes one way, which means I would usually be back home by 8.30.

8.30 Laundry

On Tuesdays and Thursdays it was time to do the laundry. When I got back from school, I would collect the kids’ dirty clothes from their rooms and put them in the washing machine. 
About an hour and a half later I switched the now clean clothes to the dryer and waited for another hour. Then, it was time to fold the freshly dried clothes and put them away.

11.30 Freetime

Whenever I was done with the laundry I had some freetime. During this time of day I would meet with some of my Au Pair friends, go to the movies or sometimes (but let’s be honest: very rarely) go to the gym.

2.30 Picking up twins

During the first 6 months of my Au Pair year, I had to pick up the twins from school. This meant another 15 minute concert featuring Rose, Marc and me. Sometimes they were so tired they fell asleep on the backseat, but I didn’t mind: the show had to go on, right?
As soon as we got home, the twins had to take a shower. I usually helped them rinse the shampoo out of their hair, but they were old enough to do the rest by themselves.
They usually didn’t get any homework, so they were free to play after.

4.30 Waiting for bus

Around 4.30 in the afternoon, Elliott would get off the bus and storm into the house telling us all about his day. When the excitement wore off, it was time for his shower and homework. As soon as he had finished, he would join his siblings and play.

5.00 Preparing dinner for the kids

I would usually start preparing dinner for the kids around 5 o’clock. My Host Mum told me what to cook for dinner each week in advance. The meals I had to prepare didn’t require excellent cooking skills: I was lucky enough to be able to either heat up something my Host Mum had cooked the day before or make pasta.

5.30 Dinner

Dinner time would be difficult sometimes. The kids were still wild from playing and it was hard to keep them on their seats. I spent most of my time during dinner trying to get them to use their cutlery instead of their hands (I was very proud of myself when they finally did).

6.00 Getting ready for bed

At the beginning of my year I thought 6.30 was really early to get the kids ready for bed if they had to be in bed by 7.30. Little did I know that the kids would move in slow motion when they knew it was time for bed soon. Technically, all they had to do was brush their teeth and put on their pajamas, so I could read them a bedtime story. But most of the time they were still so full of energy that I decided to start getting them ready for bed at 6. Honestly, they still managed to be in bed after their bedtime, but we made some progress at least. 
Your schedule as an Au Pair might be different, but this is what a day in the life of an Au Pair looked like for me. Obviously, it was stressful sometimes. But the laughter and hugs I received from the kids made it all worth it. 

Until next time,
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