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Au Pair in Norway

Au Pair in Norway is especially appealing owing to the high quality of life in the country.
Norway has one of the highest standards of living in Europe, and this allows the Au Pair benefits that may not be offered in other countries. 

Becoming part of the Au Pair program in Norway is an ideal opportunity to learn a Scandinavian language and discover the beauty of the country.

With a required budget for language lessons, provided by the Host Family, you will have the perfect chance to learn the language and engage in cultural activities.

Au Pair in Norway  - At a glance

  • Age: 18 - 29
  • Length of stay: up to 2 years
  • Working hours and time: 5 hours / day; a maximum of 30 hours / week. You will have at least 1 afternoon free per week, and 1 day off per month must be a Sunday.
  • Holidays: 25 workings days / year
  • Travel costs: beared by the Au Pair. Families may provide the Au Pair with support regarding these costs, but it is not a must in any case.
  • Insurance: the Host Family will pay for an insurance to cover the cost of emergency repatriation of the Au Pair. Most information under Contract and insurance.
  • Pocket money: The Au Pair receives 5400 NOK (net about 4400 NOK) per month. In addition, the Au Pair gets NOK 400 per month for the use of public transport and the host family will pay an annual subsidy of courses 7800Nok / about 940 Euro.
  • Visa requirements: if you are from an EU member state, a visa for Norway is not necessary for a stay under three months. However, since Au Pair programs usually exceed this time frame, it is highly recommended that a visa is acquired before becoming part of the Au Pair program.

Au Pair Norway Check

  • I am between 18 and 29 years old
  • I speak the language of the Host Family or have a good command of English
  • I don't have my own children
  • I'm healthy and I don't smoke
  • I like hanging out with children
  • I am entitled to a visa
More information about the requirements to become an Au Pair in Norway.

With or without an Au Pair Agency

Once you've found your host family at AuPair.com often raises the question of whether you should additionally take an agency into consideration.
Advantages of taking an Agency:

  • You can participate in the meeting organized by the agency
  • The office workers are always at your disposal to answer your questions
  • It's simply safer to cooperate with the agency
  • The agency will help you to deal with visa formalities if one needed
  • Au Pair agencies check the Host Families

Costs for the Au Pair

In case a Host Family with a premium membership gets in touch with you, you do not even need to pay for your own premium membership on AuPair.com.

  • Presents for the Host Family
  • Visa expenses if one needed
  • Agency service (in case you choose one)
  • Travel costs

Click here to read more information about the Au Pair stay in Norway. 

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Additional Information about Au Pair in Norway

Pro Aupair

Au Pair duties

The scope of activities required of an Au Pair will vary from family to family. Most of the activities will revolve around the care of the children. You are likely to be required to help with homework

More about Au Pair duties

Contract and insurance

Arrange a contract with your future host family and make sure you will be insurace covered during your Au Pair stay.

More about Contract and insurance


What are the requirements you need to fulfill in order to become an Au Pair in Norway? Get all the information you need on AuPair.com!

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