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Au Pair program in Norway: salary, responsibilities and time-off

Au Pair in Norway salary
Though the Host Family welcomes the Au Pair in Norway as a new family member, there is a legislation governing the program and there are rules that both parties need to respect.

Au Pair responsibilities in Norway

Au Pairs in Norway work about 30 hours per week, during this time they take care of the Host Family’s children. Child care is the main responsibility of an Au Pair. The participant is a big sister or brother for the kids. He/She should think about the kids’ well-being, security and help with all the tasks related to child care. These tasks include tidying up the kids’ room, ironing their clothes or preparing some snacks for them. 
What else? The Au Pair is a member of the family, so she/he should help with the household chores just as the rest of the family does. The participant should also enroll in a language course! So both parties need to plan the work schedule accordingly.

Host Family duties in Norway

Every Host Family has certain responsibilities. They need to provide their new member with Au Pair lodging, full board and pocket money. The participant should receive from the family:
  • A cosy, private room at the Host Family’s place 
  • Full board - at least 3 full meals per day
  • Pocket money - according to the country’s rules
The family in Norway needs to deduct income taxes from the participant’s pocket money and pay taxes on behalf of him/her. They should also take some part of the payment for the language course. To learn all the details about the Au Pair program regulations in Norway, just keep reading! 

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Working hours

The Au Pair should work 30 hours per week in Norway and should not work more than 5 hours per day and cannot look for another job during the stay in Norway. 

Au Pair salary in Norway

The participant should receive not less than 5200 NOK per month and also pay income taxes from this amount. 
Additionally, the hosts should pay for the Au Pair’s language course, but the amount of support cannot exceed 8400 NOK per year. 

Time off and holidays

The schedule may be flexible, but there is a certain holiday policy:
  • The Au Pair should have at least one afternoon off
  • The participant should have at least one day off (which will be 1.5 days off a week along with the free afternoon) 
  • He/She should have time to attend a language course
At least once a month the day off should be a Sunday. 
The participant should get 5 weeks of holidays per year. If she/he starts the stay after the 30th of September, she/he should receive 6 working days holiday by the end of the year. In any case discuss everything before the stay begins! The Au Pair will get payment during the holidays, days off and days of illness. 

Travel cost

The Au Pair should cover the travel expenses to go to Norway herself/himself. The family in Norway should pay for his/her flight back home, though. 
If the participant stays in Norway longer than it is stated in the contract or he/she wishes to go somewhere else than her/his home country, the Host Family doesn’t have to cover the travel expenses. 



The Au Pair will get a private, cosy room at the Host Family’s place. One of the requirements in Norway states that the participant has to live with the Host Family for the entire period of the stay. 
He/She also receives full board which means at least 3 full meals per day. He/She doesn’t have to pay for food and accommodation by himself/herself. 


The Au Pair in Norway needs to have the possibility to attend a Norwegian language course. If the Au Pair attends the language course, the hosts have to pay the tuition up to 8400 NOK per year. 

What else?

The Host Family has to pay income tax on behalf of the Au Pair. The percentage is estimated on the basis of the Au Pair’s monthly salary and the value of food and lodging that he/she receives. 

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